Friday, April 1, 2011

A Wonderful Life

It's a wonderful life that I'm living.
No kidding.
Last night @ Bal Harbour's Art Night
for instance, my wonderful life was enhanced
by showing up and attending this rather new
Monthly Event happening @Bal Harbour Shoppe's.

The evening's Art Focus was on Photography
with preview Installations by Iran Issa-Khan,
Peggy Levison Nolan, Bruce Weber and
several others.

The setting could not have been more beautiful.
Different stores were hosting a local Art Institution,
with part of the evening's sales benefiting each

I was swept away with the first space we entered,
a new retail concept called 100% Capri.
The merchandise in this store along with
the gorgeous staff all dressed in various
looks in white linen, was astounding.

It was as though they were staging a performance
art piece and everyone was a player.

We continued through the Mall stopping @Saks
to say hello to Iran Issa-Kahn, then on to Neiman's to catch
the "Conversation" taking place with Constance Collins,
Peggy Levison Nolan and Natasha Durwin, benefiting
The Lotus House.

Books and Books was hosting Bruce Weber's Curiosity and

The most entertaining part of the evening in my opinion
were all the beautiful people, styled out to the max and
feasting on all the deluxe merchandise so artfully presented
in each store.

By 8:30 we were off for dinner in The Design Distrcit
@Michael's Genuine Food.

Artist Michael Enns was my partner in Art for the evening.
We had a glorious time talking to everyone and enjoying
all the creativity that was surrounding us.

This morning as I sit here @my computer composing this
post I am reminded that all things are possible.

This thought is what sustains me each day as I make my
way out of the house and into the big wide world that awaits
each one of us.

I'm telling you true folks, suit up and show up.
It's that simple.
Windows open and opportunities are revealed.
You never know if you'll hit a home run unless you
are willing to get up to bat.

I am ever mindful of how lucky I am at this time
in my life.
I pray each day for the willingness to let go,
to forgive and to pass it forward, with dignity,
grace and restraint.
Take nothing for granted friends.
Enjoy the gifts the Universe manifests on
a daily basis.
Create the life you wish to live.

If I can, so can you.

Sending love to all.

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