Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday . April 26, 2011

Another day.
Another dollar.

Yep, just the same ole,
same ole.

Up early.
Much to do.

The early morning routine is always,
much the same.

Coffee, of course and the paper.

Computer time.
1st emails.
Blog post.
in that order.

Figure I'm in the home stretch now,
working @this blog post.

Having spent a quite, productive day
at home yesterday, I welcomed an
opportunity to meet up with my new
friend, Summer Hill Seven @my Studio
@9PM last night, then on to
Churchill Pub for a special
evening of Jazz.

Walking into Uva to go UPSTAIRS,
to my Studio, there was my trusty
Buddy, Kerry McLaney, holding court
with friends of hers, that I got
to meet for the first time.

Several of them joined me UPSTAIRS
for a tour of my space.

Summer Hill, arrived and we were
off to Churhill's.

What an operation that Churhill's is
Haven't been there is years and
was amazed at the kind of business
they were doing on an otherwise
quite, Monday night.

Greeting us at the door was an
English Bouncer of sorts, collecting
the $5.00 fee to enter.

There were several venues taking

First and foremost was the large
Jazz Band on stage.
Over 15 musicians gathered
together, making remarkable
music that had the place

5 on Sax
5 on Trombone
5 of Horn
1 Drummer
1 Jazz Guitar

Summer Hill remarked that
in NYC you'd be paying $75.00
a piece to get in a place like this.

We sat at the bar and ordered
Fish & Chips.
Pleasantly surprised at how
delicious and authentic their
version of this is.
A bargin too, for a mere $8.00.

We were loving the retro vibe, harking
back to the 20's or 30's.

Out on the patio there was an
open mike, poetry event taking

Total mix of people and cultures
all enjoying themselves.

It was going on Midnight by the
time we left.

This is probably the latest I've
been out, in ages. LOL.

That's the report for today,

Be the change you wish to see
today, as you walk the walk.

Do unto others, as you would
have them do unto you.

Respect yourself.

Pass it forward.

Peace and love.

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