Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday.Maintaining, as it were...

Good Morning World.

How is it that so many days have passed, since I last posted on this blog?

Reflecting on the past several days, it's all kind of a blur.

When does too much of a good thing, get old?

This is what I'm questioning myself, here, this AM.

I mean how much can one partake of and still
maintain a sense of balance?

The learning curve continues, in this vain, for me.

Thursday night was the beginning of a long and for me,
exhausting weekend, with the preview openings of several
Galleries in the Wynwood/Design District.

Starting with The Dorsch Gallery and continuing on
with my trusty buddy in Art, non other that Miami's
Independent Thinkers, Kerry McLaney.

We managed to wet our visual appetites for all that
was in store on Friday and then Saturdays Artwalk.

Amazing really when you think about it.
So much going on and realizing that it's April already,
the 4th month of the year.
Time flies, if you're having fun or not.

Friday night was dedicated to 2nd Friday @The Bakehouse
Art Complex in Wynwood...but 1st I stopped by Cafeina to
say hello to Mike Margulies and catch a glimpse of his new show,
officially opening Saturday night.

BAC was rocking it by the time we arrived. Art in the Yard, a
new dynamic produced by the Artists who have Studio Space
outside, behind the main building, has made all the difference in
the vibe and the turn out for this monthly event.

A multi dimensional, sensory experience, for real.
Lighting, music, video installations and plenty to peruse
via the open Studios of all of these artists, creates an
atmosphere conducive to an Art Project in progress.

Saturday, late afternoon I cruised down to The Design District
for a collaboration called Fun Fair, with Launch Market and
The Stage on NE 38/39th Streets @1st Ave.
With the sun shining, it was a beautiful, So Fla. day.

By 5:30 I was parked further South in Wynwood and met
up with my friends, BAC Artists Louise Markus and Grant Genoa,
who initiated the Art in the Yard concept @BAC
Joey's was the perfect spot for a bite before the endurance test of
the evening began.

By 6:30 we had hooked up with the LOVE Child, Artist,
Evo Love of Stash Gallery and her friend Susan,
for a group effort in collaborative Art Appreciation, as it were.

OMG. Too much. The heat was suddenly getting to me and I'm
thinking, I'm not going to last...

That's where my buddies kicked in. They encouraged me to sit
down and relax a few minutes, each time I started to complain
that I was having a literal melt down. Without them in tow, I
certainly would have bolted and not lasted as long as I did : )

We managed to make it to all the venues that I wanted to cover,
more or less, in Wynwood. I did not have it in me however, to
continue on to The Design District via the new Shuttle Bus service
which inaugurated Saturday night, to see several shows including the
one at The Moore Building where my friend Artist, Randy Burman
was showing : (

So in posing the question, when does, too much of a good thing,
start getting old?

I'd say right about now.

By the time I got home Saturday night, all I was thinking was
how next month I won't be doing the Artwalk again.
The heat and humidity really is a factor in my decision making,
I think.

While I adore being out and about on a regular basis, partaking
in so much that is afforded us, in the Art World, here,
I must remember to better pace myself.

Yesterday was spent quietly @home.
At 4Pm I made myself get dressed
and show up for the last of my
weekend commitments.

This is where the magic happened for me.

Sinhue Vega whose Ladder Gallery is downstairs from
my Studio @Uva . 6900 Biscayne Blvd. was launching
the 1st in a series of Literary Events with the magnificent
Ricardo Pau-Llosa, published poet and author extraordinaire.

Ricardo is among other things, a Bon Vivant, Renaissance type of guy
and a master wordsmith. An enchanting evening ensued as he
delivered many of his poems to an adoring audience. A true delight
in every aspect. Enlightening, informative, entertaining and more.
I came home feeling so elevated in mind, spirit and soul.

Hoping that whoever is reading this, will be checking out my Facebook
Wall for posts of future Collaborations, via Sinuhe and Ricardo,
specifically a group of Artist that Ricardo mentors, supports and
curates, called "The Guild", will be happening
on a regular basis, going forward. More literary evening to come, as well.

If your find yourselves in the area of 69th St. and Biscayne Blvd.,
check out Ladder Gallery and Artist, Lou Gold's Show that just
opened The Guild Series, last week. I love her exquisite and haunting images
with water a recurring theme.

Stay tuned.

As I start this week, I acknowledge all the blessings in my life.
I am grateful and don't take any of my wonderful life, for granted either.

Wishing you all a productive, happy week with love and respect.
Pass it forward.

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