Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a week I have had so far.
Highlighted Wednesday, December 29th, with a visit to The Margulies Collection, accompanied by my wonderful friend and landlord, the Artist, Sinuhe Vega.
I'm embarrassed admitting this, but it is the first time I have visited this space when it wasn't
full of people @an event.
What a different experience, entirely.
The photo's I will attempt to post after writing my impressions here,
are a visual tease of all that is The Margulies Warehouse.
As a novice really, it opened my eyes once again, to the important
role of a curator.
The scale of each piece of art and the way in which it is presented and displayed within this
remarkable space, is a masterful art in itself.
A most memorable experience for me and once again, I am reminded how lucky I am to
be living in this special City that is Miami.
More so...How lucky the City of Miami is to have citizens like a Marty Margulies creating
this kind of enrichment for all to partake.
Thank you, Mr. Margulies.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good morning one and all.
I have fabulous news.
Musing @ Morgans has become

New name, new venue.
Officially kicking off a week from
today, Wednesday, October 13th,
from 5-8PM @ UVA Restaurant
and Lounge, 69th Street and
Biscayne Blvd., in historic MIMO.

I have also taken a studio/gallery/
salon space upstairs @UVA.

I will be collaborating with Noor
Blazekovic from Irreversible
in bringing all things social to her incredible,
highly respected, publication.

Join us as the energy builds for the remarkable
season that lies ahead. Art Basel get ready.
We got it going on.

Show the love. Come out and support my
effort in promoting The Arts and Artists that
make it all happen @my weekly event.
Because of you, Miami is now, this moment,
the center of all things ART.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Musing @ Morgan's . September 1, 2010

Another fabulous evening
Musing @ Morgan's

Here I am with Carl Hildebrand

Here's Darby Collins, Cherry Oliver
and Jane Reilly @The Table

Cindy Roesel and Alina Philipp

Arlene Berrie, Astrid LaVie and
Carl Hildebrand were @The Table too.

Jane Reilly and Shirlee Rainey

Tom Weinkle and Darby Collins

left to right, Darby Collins, Jane Reilly, Shirlee Rainey, Arlene Berrie,
Astrid LaVie, Becki Boni Litman,
Jennifer Basile, Cherry Oliver.
Also attending, but not in the photo
were, Cindy Roesel, Paula Turk,
Cesar Barosso, Tom Weinkle,
Carl Hildebrand and Alina Phillipp

Musing @ Morgan's is a weekly Arts Networking Event that I host with Social
The focus is on promoting all things Wynwood and The Arts and Artists that make it happen.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Musing @ Morgan's . August 25 . 2010

@The Table left to right
Raffa Harris, Margaret Hoeveler, Arthur Salomon, Tina Salvesen,
Cesar Barroso, Astrid LaVie, Liam
Crotty, Paloma Teppa, Richard Russ,
Brooke, Baby Ethan, Denis Russ,
Marion Morgan, Cindy Roesel,
Randie Levine, Bob Pellegrini,
Pam Lahiff

New arrivals standing on right
David and Daniel Lombardi and
1st on left Jane Reilly...

Welcome one and all to my 1st post on my new Blog.
This past Wednesday, August 25th was my 9th week of hosting "Musing @ Morgan's".
We were 26 total, actually 27 if you're counting Baby Ethan.
Artists, Photographers, Designers, Musicians, they were all @The Table.