Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wishing for a Wonderful Wednesday

Beginnings of a new piece, a la
yo MOMMA style @Studio

Studio, back room

Studio. That's my baby brother,
Jerry in the photo on left, top shelf.
May he RIP. Crazy guy that he was.

Old bird/cupie doll on table piece
by me, from one year ago...
With small framed card from
Artist Peter Tunney...
"We Live in a Beautiful World".

The photo of my Dad, Governor
Leroy Collins and Edward Sax,
from the early 60's, I think.
Black and white woven ribbon
piece behind it is also my work,
as is the duck headed mannequin.

So now here it is Wednesday, already.
Where does the time go?

I'm already feeling guilty and slightly
embarrassed that I will not, after all
be going to my Studio today.

Just my style, to be forthright and
make big announcements, only to
fall short.

Some things never change.

My rational is that I have to be in
good form tonight for Kerry McLaney's
Birthday Bash @Lords on South Beach.

Knowing myself as well as I do, I know
there's no way I'll make it tonight, if I
spend the day @my Studio.

Not that physical labor is involved really
when @my Studio, but perhaps, because of
my age, my stamina, is just not that great.

So I'm not taking any chances in this department.

I have plenty to accomplish up in this end of
town anyway.

They say "the truth will set you free"...
I'm not so sure, but there you have it, folks.

Meanwhile, yesterday much was accomplished
in paving the way to produce some new work
in the Art department.

My intention is to compile enough pieces that
I feel good about and then find a suitable venue
to show them, come Art Basel time, in late December.

I feel confident that this will be accomplished and
have to remind myself too, that Rome wasn't built
in just one day. LOL.

Love how life works these days, especially since
Facebook has entered my life.

A few days ago I see a post by Rick Morgan on
FB, giving a shout out to Anita Sax for donating
copies of her new children's book for his Children's
In the blub, it states that Anita was born in Chicago
and grew up in Mexico City...
I'm thinking, I wonder if this could be Eddie Sax's

Eddie and his Family were important friends of my Dad's while
I was growing up here in So. Fla., in fact we're kind of related.
My Aunt Evelyn, my Dad's older Sister was George Sax's first
wife (he's Eddie's Dad). I know Eddie is from Chicago
and married a woman and they had lived in
Mexico City for many years and had a daughter.

On the off chance, I posted a comment asking if perhaps
she was related to Mr. Sax.

Bingo. His daughter. WOW. What are the chances of that?

What makes this more interesting to me, is the
fact that I had recently found a photo that I have been
searching for, for almost a year now.
The photo is of my Dad, Governor Leroy Collins and
Edward Sax.

Just a week ago, I found the photo, stuck it in a frame
and placed it on a windowsill @my Studio, so that when
my buddy, Darby Collins, Leroy's youngest daughter
visited, she would see it.

Having gotten a response to my post from Anita in the
affirmative, that yes, she was, in fact, Edward's daughter,
I couldn't wait to get into the Studio and photograph
the image to send to her in an email.

No coincidences, right?
No mistakes, either.

Life unfolds.
More will be revealed,
that's a guarantee...
You just gotta show up.

This is confirmed for me
on a daily basis.

Gotta love it.

So listen up people,
today's the day!

Make a difference.

Show the LOVE.

Pass it forward.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Studio Today

Detail (my Facebook Profile Page)
on Mano Nogueira's beautiful piece.

The Fabulous Five
yo MOMMA, Mano Nogueria of
Mano Fine Art in the Bird Road
Arts District, Artist Rafael Lopez-Ramos,
Artist Luisa Mesa and my Buddy,
Artist Vince Herrera a/k/a
BAD PANDA..."People Love
my Sh*t" @ Mano Fine Arts
Studio for the Bird Road Artwalk
this past Saturday night.

Mano's beautiful work of Art.
Love it : )

Up and at em...
that's me.

My goal today is to spend time
creating Art @ my Studio.

Wish me luck, please.

Don't know why I've been so
resistant to doing this lately?

Hoping to get a rhythm going

Will report tomorrow, on how
it went.

Meanwhile am excited about
tomorrow nights plan to attend
the Birthday Celebration for my
buddy, Kerry McLaney @Lord's
on South Beach.

I've never been to this new hotel
and am not looking forward to
the parking situation.
Short of that, I'm sure it will be
a most memorable evening.

Friday night promises to be
off the charts too @WDNA's
Jazz night with Artist Evo Love
and Romain Gateau.
Can't wait.

Don't know about the rest of
you, but I'm really struggling
with the doldrums of Summer.

Hard to get motivated lately.

Gotta keep reminding myself
how important it is to just show
The rest will follow.
Not necessarily the way I plan
or hope for, but non the less
unexpected surprises await me,
when I am willing to participate.

So I'm throwing caution to the
wind. Taking my chances.
Letting go.

Remember to practice random
Do the next right thing...
Pass it forward...
Be the change you wish to see...

Ah, life is like one big cliche..
Like a joke and I keep waiting
for the punch line.

One things for sure, if I don't
suit up and show up, I'm guaranteed
that nothing will change.

So be willing today, to step outside
the box, your comfort zone, so to speak.

Let me know the miracles you witness
today as you walk the walk.

Just saying...



Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday . Up and At Em.

Good morning World.

It's Saturday, in hot and humid, South Florida.

I've been up for hours already and am trying to wrap my head around plans for the day.

First up, long overdue, holistic massage.

Veronique, my adored therapist has been in France and is just back.

Oh, how I have missed the luxury of our weekly sessions.

This evening I plan starting off @Ladder Gallery, downstairs from
my Studio, for the last, I believe, of their Guild Series Shows.

I am meeting my new friends Ron Syllien and his wife, Gracelle Toussaint
@my Studio @6:30 to join me for an evening of Art and Networking.

After perusing Ladder Gallery we are headed to The Bird Road Arts District ArtWalk.
I have never been and am looking forward to finally checking out this particular area.

Looking forward to seeing my friend, Artist Vince Herrera a/k/a BAD PANDA's work
@MANO Gallery.

Yesterday was down time @home and recuperating from a busy Thursday.

A recap of what Thurday entailed for me.
I started in an area known as Biscayne Gardens for Brunch with Artist,Ron Syllien and his lovely wife, Grace.

Ron and I are Facebook Friends and I was curious to check out his work.
I was totally impressed and enchanted from the first moment I walked into their beautiful home.

I must have taken at least 40 photos to document my tour and was so looking forward to
sharing them with you all...more about that later.

By 12:30 I was with my LOVE Child, taking her to Miami Beach for a dentist appt. and lunch afterwards.

Then on to my Studio for several hours.

By 5PM I was @The Stage in the Miami Design District for a TEDxMIA event

"For more than two decades, TED has presented acclaimed speakers to promote "Ideas Worth Spreading. A hub of diverse creativity, innovative thinking and progressive thought leadership. TEDxMIA is an effort to drive and showcase the cultural and intellectual vitality continuing to blossom in the city."

Prior to this, I was unfamiliar with TED.

Take my word for it people, check out TED.
For the record, September 13th, they will be presenting an event @New World Center on Miami Beach. Not to be missed and I understand their events sell out quickly, so if you're interested in learning more, I suggest you go to to find out more.
Must have taken 20 more photo's.

A shout out to my good friend, Carl Hildebrand for turning me on to this most stimulating
concept. Reminded me slightly of Petcha Kutcha but much more sophisticated and brilliant.

By 7PM I was on my way to JOEY's in Wynwood for a live musical evening with the charming and talented Miss Jennifer Ann Wagoner, of Wynwood Kitchen & Bar fame.

Jen belted out the Blues and sang her heart out.

I shot perhaps 15 more images and then after about an hour I left
and was grateful to make it safely home, after such a full day.

Yesterday morning first thing, I went to upload all my memorable images to iPhoto.

Unfortunately @Joey's before I left, my friend used my camera to video Jen's performance.
This is where I got in trouble.
While uploading, I guess I got impatient after 20-25 minutes and ended up disconnecting the
camera from the computer, thus losing all the images : (

The good thing is, I didn't have a melt down.
I accepted that it wasn't meant to be.

Lesson learned? Not sure. But am grateful non the less that I had such a fulfilling day.

Looking forward to all that is in store for me today.

Remember first you gotta show up.
The rest will reveal itself.

Pass it forward, People.

Practice random kindness.

Monkey see, monkey do.


One Love.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday in the Tropics.

So here it is Tuesday, July 12th.
The Sun is up and out @full blast
with temperature in @81 degrees
and it's just now, 7 AM.

Ah, the thrill of slaying some dragons
in the sweltering heat, just fires up my
imagination, NOT!!!

Seriously though, I've got a list of things
to accomplish and am determined to go
with the flow.

Yesterday was a learning lesson in patience
and perseverance, to say the least.

Happy to report I am now officially certified
to operate as an Artist Studio by the City of
Miami and The Dade County Department of
Environmental Resource Management.

What a joke too. I mean really, the inept
bureaucratic process is ridiculous.

Consider the fact that an entire high rise office
building is devoted to housing County and City
paid employees to sit at their desks and process

No instructive signage visible to someone visiting
for the first time and no one very forth coming in
advising one how to proceed.

Let's just say I am grateful that this is now behind

Surely now that I have complied with the City's
requirements, Miami is a safer, better place to
live and the $800.00 dollars in fees is making
the City's coffers richer.

Today promises to be good.

Little in the way of pressure and deadlines,
I consider myself a lucky lady.

Tonight I look forward to GNO (Girls Night Out)
with my favorite playmates, 5 yr. old Taylor, her
maternal Grandmother and our friend Susan V.

Am feeling grateful too, that no Hurricanes are
forming @this time and that the A/C in our building
is working.

Happy to be getting a blog post in, as well.

So to anyone reading this post, my self included,
I'm wishing us all a peaceful and productive day.

Surely some surprises await me.

Tune in tomorrow for the post mortem.

Remember to pass it forward.

Make a difference in someone's life today.

Life is good.

: )

Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Flies If You're Having Fun or Not.

Photographer Mark Diamond's work
at The Awarehouse in Wynwood.

JeanPaul Mallozzi's "Secrets" @Awarehouse
in Wynwood.

Danny Weiss and yo MOMMA,
class mates, Gables High 1966.

Collage @Praxis.
Performance Artist @Zadok Gallery
in Wynwood.

Carl Hildebrand and ladies
showing the LOVE for
yo MOMMA : )

BAC Artist Gerry Stecca showing
@L M N T Gallery in Wynwood.
All done with clothespins.

BAC Artist Patricia Gutierez's work
@L M N T Gallery.

Patricia Gutierrez's installation
@ L M N T Gallery

Good Morning World.

It's already mid July and this is my first blog entry since the end of May.

Where does the time go?

The eternal question, I suppose.

Getting ready for a busy day ahead.

First stop, Maroone Nissan for the first oil change on my new car.

Next stop, D.E.R.M in downtown Miami to pay more money for the right to operate legally
as an Artist, in my Studio.

Then on to USPS and UPS to take care of business.

Hopefully, I'll make it to my Studio and actually accomplish making some Art.

This past weekend went by in a flash.

Had a lovely early evening with Carl Hildebrand on Friday.
First "Midnight in Paris" @The Gateway Cinema in Ft. Lauderdale
and then a light bite @Heart Rock.

Saturday night, Carl and I went to 2nd Saturday Wynwood Artwalk.
We visited many Galleries and kept being prepared to be swept away.

Unfortunately, for me, it didn't happen.

Nothing really turned me on. : (

That's not entirely true, though...
What turned me on was running into all my peep's.
It's been a long time since I was last in Wynwood
and it was great seeing old friends and my favorite

We ended our evening @Magnum Lounge, where
we shared a delicious burger and called it a night.

Yesterday, I went to the Yellow/Green Market here
in Hollywood.
What a disappointment that was too.

Nothing to see or buy.
Pathetic, really.
Sorry that this Fresh Market concept is not taking off.

I was hoping to see "Beginners" @The Gateway, but that
didn't work out either : (

Yikes, what's up with all these less than stellar results
I keep asking myself?

The only answer I can come up with is, what's wrong
with me?

I'm wise enough to realize that when I am most unhappy
it has nothing to do with other people, places or things,
but rather with something going on with me.

Ah, reality, it's a hard pill to swallow...
but the facts remain the same.

What to do about this???

Thought perhaps getting this out in blog form might
tweek some changes in my perspective.

Not feeling the shift yet, but recognizing that there
are new opportunities, awaiting me.

So there you have it folks.

My hope is that my next blog post will include
images of some new Art work by yo MOMMA.

Wish me luck.

In the meantime, today as I walk the walk,
may I not lose sight of the destination.

One day @ a time.

Easy does it.

Let go.

This too shall pass.

Enjoy the possibilities.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still Standing . Last Day in May . 2011

Here he is World,
the one and only
Art is My Weapon.
Iam TMNK (The Me Nobody Knows)

Please note yo MOMMA sticker
on bottom left of post he is leaning

New young Fan of NOBODY with
in his hand : )

Beautiful ocean front view of
Ft. Lauderdale Beach A1A.

AFUa HALL and Abu Xalimon
in The House!

PABLO CANO and the entire cast and crew taking
a bow, to a standing ovation.
The Seven Wonders of the Modern World @ MOCA.

Good morning World.

Hope this finds everyone in
the zone, with energy enough,
to survive the upcoming
Hurricane Season, which
officially begins tomorrow
June 1st.

As a native Miamian, I have
witnessed first hand, the devastation
of many Hurricanes in the past,
not the least of which was Andrew.

Considering the rather cataclysmic
Weather that has been happening
World Wide, I am praying our
beautiful So. Fla, will be spared.

Keeping this in mind, it makes me
more grateful than ever, for all the
wonderful developments I have
witnessed in our great City and
my home town.

Tonight I am lucky enough to have
tickets for the opening night of
HAIR @The Arsht Center,
courtesy of the lovely,
Charlie Cinnamon.

My guest for the evening is
the actor, poet extraordinaire.

I'm hopeful that the traffic
and parking will not detour
me from enjoying the evening.
Considering the Miami HEAT
Playoff Game is taking place
downtown, as well.

Recapping now, the past
couple days in my abundant,
wonderful life.

Sunday was the last 2 performances
of PABLO CANO's Seven Wonders of
the Modern World @MOCA.

I invited a slew of Friends to join
me, posting an open invitation to
anyone wanting to be my guest on

I called MOCA @12 noon, to make
sure there would be no problems
in purchasing additional tickets.

I went into high anxiety when told
sorry, both shows were SOLD OUT.

The good news is, in the end, we
were all accommodated, thank you
MOCA and it's most outstanding

The bad news was the pressure
this produced for me in getting down
there in time, to buy the additional
tickets for my guests, from the
20 being held @will call, for last
minute walk ups.

We were 13 in all that witnessed
this truly remarkable production.
Magical in every way.

The brilliant Playwright, Miami's own,
Carmen Pelaez, of RUM & COKE fame,
was in attendance. This is her second
collaboration with Pablo.
I was thrilled to meet her after the

A Fulbright Award winner, Choreographer
Katherine Kramer, did a most outstanding
job in bringing the marionettes to life,
once again in her collaboration with Pablo.

Rudi Goblen, writer, dancer and actor
was remarkable in taking on several of the
puppeteer/dancer parts in this production,
not the least of which,
was the opening with President Obama in
The House.

Other puppeteer/dancers who manipulated the
marionette's to perfection were Joanne Barrett
and Carlota Pradera.

PABLO and all took a bow to a well deserved,
standing ovation.

After congratulating one and all on this transformative
experience, I was off to my studio.

Summer Hill Seven, his lovely, significant other,
Afua Hall, a talented dancer and
choreographer and their 4 yr. old son,
Abu Xilimon, met up with me there.

We went on an adventure looking for a dining
spot on the water on the 79th Street Causeway.

We ended up @The Crab House. In spite of the
fact that this is a chain restaurant, we had a lovely
meal and enjoyed bayside dining, outside.

It was a balmy So. Fla. evening and a perfect
ending to a memorable day.

Yesterday morning @ my computer bright
and early, I see that my man, TMNK a/k/a
NOBODY, NYC Graffiti/Street Artist of
International acclaim, was here in So. Fla.

We made a plan and I picked him up @11:30 AM
at the beautiful, beach front hotel,
where he was staying in Ft. Lauderdale.

The challenge being, in getting there.
I headed east to A1A and then north up
the beach front strip, bummer to bummer
on this crazy/busy/beautiful Memorial

We proceeded to FAT Arts District in
Ft. Lauderdale.

What a revelation that was too.
Not unlike the former warehouse district
that is now Wynwood, this emerging
Artists Studio/Gallery Community is
located just north of Sunrise Blvd. and
just west of Andrews Avenue, backing
up to the railroad tracks.

Like Wynwood too, they have no set
hours of operation and it was a blind
shot that we would see anyone else
there on this holiday morning.

To our surprise we were not the only
ones out and about in this "under the
radar" location.

Our first encounter was with a lovely
young couple, out walking with their
baby boy in his stroller, admiring the
Graffiti Art that proliferates there.

NOBODY made a new friend and fan
with the little boy and proceeded in
actually meeting up with some of the
Graffiti Artists who were working on
a Wall right then and there.

Within minutes, they were hauling out
a huge ladder and there was NOBODY
scurrying up it, to leave his mark and
be part of their Wall.

Perfect, right?
What are the chances of this happening,
you might ask?
Zero to none...and there in lies
the alchemy our our outing...
that just by suiting up and
showing up, windows open.

Thank you dear Universe for
granting me these serendipitous

This is what keeps me coming
back for more.

Now NOBODY and yo MOMMA too,
have our marks immortalized in
Ft. Lauderdale.

Mission accomplished we had a
leisure ride back to his hotel
and I was on my way back home
by 2PM.

No place like home,
said Dorothy.
We can all agree on
that point, I am sure.

So now I am current in
documenting more days
in May, via my life.

With love in my heart
I am looking forward
to new adventures today.

Keep it simple.
Pass it forward.
Be the change,
you wish to see.
All things are possible.

Peace fellow travelers.

Make the most of the
blessings that await you

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Postmorteming on My Birthday Celebrations.

The stunning yellow metal dragon
belt stamped C. Ross a gift from
the Madden Brothers from their
Mother's Estate.
Be still my Heart.
The 2nd Dragon I was gifted with
this week.

Stamped Lichtenstein 1980
enamel and silver pin/pendant
with John Hardy silver earrings
also gifted to me from Toni's

"Plant the Future" amazing succulent
collection @home with new addition
in honor of my Birthday.

Precious Baby Tabitha chewing on
the rain boots I gave her for Seattle.

Tabitha talking to the pink box
I made for her with the remaining
one of a pair of S+P's in her hand,
that was a gift to me from her
now deceased,Paternal Grandmother,
Toni Rittmaster,
my beloved friend.

Blake Madden of HOTEL fame in
red with older brother Shawn of with baby
Tabitha and her Auntie Myra.

The Madden Brothers with Shawn's wife
and the Mommy, Trisha Murphy Madden

Birthday gifts @Joey's.
Hand made card by
Artist Leon Rosenblatt.
Plant the Future dish
garden from Jude Becker Worsley
and the marble Chinese Double
Dragon Chop from my guide,
Stephanie Rosenblatt.

Reva, my 91 yr. old Mother with

Jude and Myra...friends since our
Jr. High School days in Coral Gables.

The amazing Miss Taylor Smith
with cookies @my Studio, post
"The Red Thread" performance we

The lovely Kelly Nelson Smith with
daughter Taylor.

Where should I begin?

I've been going non stop
for weeks now.
On a run with out of town
visitors, attending various
events and celebrating
my Gemini Birthday.

Tomorrow will be one
week ago since posting
on this blog.

Hope I can do this past
week justice in attempting
to recreate it now, for you
and my own recollection,
down the road.

Last Sunday, I had the good
fortune to attend "The Red Thread"
@The PlayGround Theatre" in
Miami Shores.

It was an amazing production
with award winning Costume
and Stage Sets.
Outstanding in every way.

My guests were 4 yr. old
Taylor and her Mom, Kelly Smith.

Taylor's deceased Paternal Grandmother
was my dear friend Sara Smith.
I throughly believe that Taylor is channeling
her, when we are together and delight
in my monthly GNO (Girls Night Out) with
her and Maternal Grammy Sandy Nelson.

We proceeded to my Studio for cookies
and such after the performance and Taylor
was in the Zone, so to speak...Totally
animated and enchanting in her enthusiasm.

Monday was a Birthday lunch @Michael's
Genuine in the Design District with my
good friend, Susan Vodicka.
We go back to 1972 when we met during
the McGovern for President Campaign.

We had a delightful visit and enjoyed
a delicious meal together.

Tuesday evening was a Dinner @Joey's
in Wynwood with lifelong friends,
Jude Becker Worsley, Internationally
acclaimed Acupuncturist, in from England,
Artist Leon Rosenblatt, we go back to
Hebrew School when we were 9 yrs. old,
his beautiful wife Stephanie,
a Tai Chi Master, Healer, Reader and
my 91 yr. old Mother, Reva.

This was especially poignant because
my Mother hasn't seen these childhood
friends of mine in years.

We a feasted on Chef Ivo's magnificent
creations and I had a wonderful time
opening up presents.

Gifts included a gorgeous dish garden
from "Plant the Future", my favorite
florist, a Double Dragon marble
Chinese Chop and a beautiful hand made

Wednesday was devoted to running
errands and taking care of business
at home.

Thursday, bright and early, I headed
down to my Studio for a much anticipated
reunion with the Madden Brothers, now
from Seattle, in town to celebrate their
Dad, John's 65th Birthday.

I was good friends with their now deceased
Mother, Toni Rittmaster.

They left So. Fla in the mid 90's...
Toni to go to So. Africa with Blake,
the younger brother, who went on to
Japan as an exchange student
while Shawn went away to college.

I have known both of these guys since Shawn
was a Toddler, before Blakester was born.

It's been 15 yrs., more or less since I last
saw them.

Shawn is now married to the magnificent,
Trisha Murphy Madden and they have a
beautiful, infant daughter, 7 mo. old Tabitha.

Blake is the lead singer in his band called
HOTELS. Just weeks ago they competed
as the opening act in Billboard's Battle
of the Bands in Las Vegas.

We didn't skip a beat in catching up with
so much of what has transpired in the
intervening years.

Serendipitously, Jude, from England
stopped by with her Aunt Irma Goldstein
and Irma's daughter, Stylist, Beth Becker.

I marveled at my good fortune of having
all these significant people in my Studio
at the same time.

By 2PM we were on our way to Wynwood
Kitchen & Bar for a bite to eat and then
The Madden's were off to Key West for
their Dad's Official Birthday Celebration.

I'm still reeling from this glorious reunion.

The boys surprised me with gifts from Toni's
collection of jewelry and accessories.

The most stunning belt by C. Ross, with a
dragon buckle cast in yellow metal.
It actually fits me too, which is miraculous
in itself.

A Lichtenstein enamel pin/pendant stamped
1980 and silver John Hardy earrings.

I remember seeing Toni wearing all of these
in the past and couldn't help but be astounded
@ the coincidence of now receiving a second
gift in the form of a Dragon.

Earlier in the week, before seeing each other
on Monday, Stephanie Rosenblatt had
posted on my Facebook Wall
the significance of the DRAGON
as a Chinese Totum.

The Dragon is believed to possess the
following virtues:

"Leadership, magical prowess, vitality, mastery,
insight, devine illumination, infinite wisdom,
luminous beauty, majesty, power of transformation.

The Dragon Totem is a very powerful spirit and
the supernatural properties are the most influential
of all Totems.
OMG. I can't believe the whole thing.

Last night with my Mother in tow we
made it down to Historic Temple Israel
in Wynwood, that is in it's 90th year
as the pioneer Reform Congregation,
here in Miami, to celebrate the 50th
Wedding Anniversary of life long friends,
Dick and Susie Goldberg.

Susie's younger siblings are twins Judy Zager
and Steve Stone, who share the same birthday
as me, which was officially yesterday, May 27th.

Both Susie and Judy were at one time secretaries
for my Dad, Irving when he was President of Muzak,
here in Miami.

Their Dad, William Stone, was the GM @The Saxony
Hotel which was built in the early 50's on Miami Beach
by my Dad's former brother-in-law George Sax.

We grew up going to our Cabana's @ the Saxony,
eating in the Noshery downstairs and taking
cha-cha lessons on the upper pool deck...
Ahh, those were the days.

I loved the meaningful sermon delivered by
Rabbi Mitchell Chefitz on God speaking
to Moses, in the second year from the Jews
departing Egypt, saying "Raise (count) the heads
of all the congregation of the children of Israel."

The greatness of the Blessed God is seen in the
entire community of Israel as a whole, and if just one
member of that community is missing, then the mixture
will be deficient.

It is as if the image of the King were made up of a Mosaic
of many small parts, and if just one of the parts were missing,
then the picture of the King would be lacking.

That each of us possesses one the of the attributes of the
Holy One, blessed be He, and at the time when that individual
is counted, then the Blessed God Himself is present in that
attribute which each individual possesses.

We are accountable each one of us.
That together we create a whole,
but that first we must show up and
be counted.

Food for thought.
This all resonated,
profoundly for me.

This evening I plan on attending an
event in The Design District with
a fellow Gemini who happens to also,
share the same birthday as me.
Michael Hughes now affiliated with
The Frost Museum @FIU,
formerly with The Wolfsonian.

So there you have it.

More goings on and on and on by
yours truly, Myra Louise Wexler
a/k/a yo MOMMA.

Forever grateful for the blessings
bestowed on me each and every day.

Committed to creating and collaborating
with friends, old and new in continuing the
creation of the tapestry or mosaic that is
the journey...Life.

Life is good.
Pass it Forward.
Be the change you wish to see.
Love rules.
Knowledge is power.
Eat your fruits and vegetables.
Monkey see, monkey do.

Love and peace fellow travelers.

Make this the best day of your

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Month of Sunday's : )

The Three Graces
Amanda Hutson . Evo LOVE + yo MOMMA in The House

7244 Biscayne Blvd.
Historic MiMo District

L M N T Gallery
55 NW 36th Street
Wynwood Art District

from her "KNOTS" Series,
here @L M N T Gallery.

L M N T's Curating Director,
Daniella Storza on the right
with Neil Hunt,
CEO, Hammer and Block Auctioneers
in the middle.

Holding my I Heart SUMMER HILL SEVEN T-Shirt
@Mystical Lips POEMEDY CIPHER.

NE 2ND Ave. @46th Street
East Buena Vista

Put the lime in the C O C O N U T : )
Been a month of Sunday's, or so it seems,
since last, I posted on this blog.

Much has transpired. All of it good.
Hoping I can do justice to the days and
weeks that have flown by.

Bear with me, please.

Last night I had dinner with the
usual suspects.
The LOVE Child herself,
Miss Evo Love, Romain Gateau
and Amanda Hudson.

Amanda is moving, full time to
NYC, her home town,
to pursue her career in film
and we wanted to celebrate one
last time, in her honor.

We dined @the sushi place @Soyka's
55rh St. Station on NE 4th Court in
the Historic MiMo District.

The place was jumping.
It never ceases to amaze me
all the choices we have here
in Miami.

We proceeded to Ladder Gallery
after dinner to catch the latest in
their Guild Series Shows...
then UPSTAIRS to my Studio
for the group to give me the
heads up on changes I've made,
decor wise.

This morning @9AM I will be
in the zone, via the healing hands
of the gifted Holistic Masseuse,

At 2PM I am going to the PlayGround
Theatre for the 1st time to see
"The Red Thread" with the adorable
Miss Taylor, her Mom, Kelly and
Grammy, Sandy.

Looking forward to this much acclaimed

Friday night was an interesting mix of
old and new.

I started out @4PM with a list of at
least 7 stops I hoped to make in the
evening that lay ahead.

First stop, Devine Trash @73rd St
and Biscayne Blvd.
Wonderful space and great resource
for all things vintage.
Loved the unique art to wear jewelry
designed by Baker, showcased here.
Donna the propritor is fabulous and
we had a nice visit.

My friend Carl Hildebrand of Petch
Ketch renown, phoned and being that
he was on his way South, to Wynwood,
he popped in to say hello.

We checked out the new Vegan Restaurant
that has opened next door, called Mi Vida Cafe.
Definitely worth a visit. Not only for the
delicious food, but the charming setting with
an outdoor garden space.

Love that business is flourishing in MiMo.

I then went solo to a fabulous new space
in Wynwood called L M N T @55 NW 36th St.
WOW. Spectacular venue.
I arrived in time to preview the incredible
Art, that was to be auctioned later that evening.
Congratulated the gifted, Curating Director,
Daniella Storza and saw many of my friends.

I was most thrilled to find that my dear friend,
the Artist Tina Salvesen is represented in
the show that is hung in another part of
this huge, multi functional space.
Her Knot renderings in graphite and pen
really sing, displayed on this scale.

A must see show, People. Hope you will
check it out.

On my way South I stopped by Wynwood
Kitchen & Bar where I met up with my
trusty side kick and buddy in Art, Kerry
My friend since the mid 60's in my home
town of Coral Gables, Mr. David B. called
and serendipitously stopped in with his
date for the evening.

Loved that WK&B had a fabulous Jazz
trio performing live, outside.
This was a lst and I hope they continue
with it.

Then I was off to Mystical Lips on NE 2nd Ave.
@46th Street for POEMEDY CIPHER with
SUMMER HILL SEVEN in the house.
OMG. I entered this enchanting, spiritual
establishment for the first time and was
pleasantly surprised with what's going on

Owned and operated by an interesting
fellow with a head full of dreads and
his identical, 22 yr. old sons, they offer
an array of all things to awake the senses...
from incense, to the full line of Dr. Bronner
soaps, Buddah's and prayer wheels.

The experience was unique and mind expanding.
For the first 40 minutes or so, it was yo MOMMA
and 6 or 7 gorgeous Men.
I was so in the Zone...LOL.

By 8:30 things started to develop in the
"Cipher" department with SH7 leading the

Outstanding Spoken Word, being "spit".
(a new expression I heard for the
first time)

How cool is this, that all these men gather
on a regular basis to create and share their
gift of creativity and words?

My best friend, since our days in Jr. High,
the Internationally renown Acupuncturist,
Judy Becker-Worsley, who now lives in
England and is visiting, stopped by on her
way home from an Event @The Bakehouse.

We had a lovely time sitting outside next
door to Mystical Lips, @ a new place
called BLUE PIANO.

Once again, I was amazed to see and feel
the buzz created by the wealth of humanity
out and about in The Hood.

Wednesday, May 18th was the last of
the Season, MUSING with MYRA .
Installment #4, with featured Guest
Artist, SUMMER HILL SEVEN, reading
from his newly published book,

A most memorable evening unfolded
as one by one, Friends old and new
showed up. Many in attendance were
people I have known most of my life
here in Miami, who just happened to
be in town visiting.
My loyal Art Buddies didn't disappoint
either, as so many of them showed up
supporting me and creating a magical

We were 30 or more and had the time
of our lives.

At 9PM while I was thanking everyone
for coming and participating,
out comes my dear friend, the Tai Chi
Master, Healer and Reader Extraordinaire,
Stephanie Rosenblatt, with a Birthday cake
joined by all singing Happy Birthday to me.
What a surprise. What a joy.
What wonderful, good friends I have.
I am so blessed, lucky and grateful.

That's all that comes to mind @ this moment.

For the record, I feel somewhat relived to have
finally been motivated to compose this post.

Thanks to those that bother to read this.
Hope you find it interesting in some aspect
or other.

Me, I'm betting on this coming week revealing
more treasures in my wonderful life.

I don't take any of this for granted.

I am loving the collaboration that I experience
each day, meeting up with others within this
vast community of creativity.

It's a beautiful thing to inspire and be inspired
by one another.

Passing it forward.

With love in my heart I wish you all a
productive and satisfying week ahead.

Do the next right thing.
Be the change you wish to see.

Ciao for now.

Peace .

God Bless Barak Obama.

Keeping HOPE alive : )


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Obama Marionette staring in

Pablo's Madonna in all her glory.
Silver foil, courtesy, me : )

Ahh, the 3 Clones.

The Artist himself.
PABLO CANO shaking hands
with Obama @the end of the

The girls.
Left to right,
Artist Evo Love,
Photographer Amanda Hudson,
Arts Enthusiast Myra Wexler,
Tai Chi Master, Healer and
Reader Extraordinaire
Stephanie Rosenblatt

Reflecting back on the last several days, I am once again reminded
how lucky I am.

I am at a time in my life, that is particularly good and I attribute
this to the wonderful friends I have.

Life is a journey.
Nothing original in that statement.
It is however, relevant and oh so true.

The journey continues to unfold, each and every day.
The doors that close, sometimes still astound me, but
the windows that open, are a reward in themselves.

Friday night I forced myself to get dressed and head out
to Coral Gables for a friends opening.
I was, so, not in the mood.

Luckily my motivation was increased somewhat because
I was dying to get my hands on new, larger, yo Momma
stickers that were ready, down in the Gables, as well.

Picking up my trusty Buddy in Art, Kerry McLaney
we proceeded on our adventure.

First stop, Miguel Rodez's new show @ Domingo
Padron Gallery on Ponce.

Walking into the Gallery and seeing the heavy chains
draped and hanging from the ceiling, my first thought
was, "whips and chains excite me", lyrics from Rhiana's
S+M song.

Upon future consideration and much discussion the
metaphor of freedom, became more clear.

Ah, the diaspora of The Cuban American and their
continued dialogue through Art.

Miguel's work is based on repeating interlocking
shapes. He uses paper, to create a very interesting
texture on his canvases, many of which have an
iridescent quality.

We then proceeded to pick up my new stickers.
Ta da!
They are 3x5" vs the first batch, which were 2x3".
Fabulous and just in the nick of time, as the original
run was about depleted.
After having a sensible meal @Swenson's, of all places,
we headed home.

Saturday morning was spent running errands up in this
end of down.

By 3:30PM I was @MOCA for the Premier of my dear
friend, Pablo Cano's new show, "The Seven Wonders
of the Modern World".

I was happy to find my invited guests had already

The charming, adorable sisters, Ella and Chloe,
8 and 6 yrs. old, respectively, their parents,
Peter and Hunter
and my precious, monthly, GNO (Girls Night Out),
buddy 4 yr. old Taylor, with her Mom, Kelly and
Grandmother Sandy.

This alone was enough to make my heart sing.
Having known their parents since 1972, when they
were the same age as their children are now, was a
beautiful thing in itself.

By 4PM we were all in our seats and the show began.

Run, do not walk and treat yourself to a feast for
the eyes, heart and soul.
An all together magical experience.

This is the 12th year that Pablo has produced a show
for MOCA.

Pablo's marionettes are all made from repurposed
materials, including the silver foil lining from my
cigarette packages, which I obsessively collect
and send to him.

Collaborating with Katherine Kramer, as choreographer
and playwright, Carmen Pelaez,
this show was off the charts.
I was moved to tears, at one point.

Running through May 29th, there are 5 more
performances scheduled.

Over 1500 Dade County Public School children
will get to experience this awe inspiring event.

Bravo to Pablo, to MOCA and it's Executive
Director, Bonnie Clearwater, who have provided
this venue for Pablo's creativity to flourish.

By 7PM I was @Ladder Gallery, downstairs
from my Studio, for the 3rd in the Guild Series

Then off to Evo Love and Romain Gateau's
home for a "Little Night in Haiti" dinner party.

There were 30 of us, all told and the evening
was sublime.

Yesterday, I celebrated Mother's Day @home
and was grateful for the quite down time.

This being the beginning of another week
I am looking forward to what will unfold.

The journey continues and time flies,
if you're having fun or not.

So do what I do, suit up and show up.

I'm telling you people, windows will
open and who doesn't need a breath
of fresh air?

Pass it forward.

Remember, monkey see,
monkey do.

Peace and love.