Monday, February 28, 2011

Gratitude and The Difference a Day Can Make.

Well, I'm happy to report that my back seems to be somewhat better this morning.
This is indeed a welcomed miracle, really.
Yesterday, after receiving a last minute Zen, holistic massage, I went home to take
it easy.
It was a tough day too, aching, unable to get myself comfortable...wondering what
this unexpected pain was going to mean in terms of my coming week and all the plans
I have on tap?
The fact that I am feeling better now, is further testimony to the fact that all things
are possible.
Thank you, Veronique.
Thank you God.
Thank you the powers that be.
I am more grateful than mere words can express.

I look forward to keeping a slightly altered version of my plans for today.
After my morning's meetings, I am hopeful that Dr. Romero will be able
to give me "an adjustment", thus insuring that I am well on my way back
to feeling normal within the next few days.

So my post today is all about gratitude.

It's about recognizing the signs and signals our bodies give us, as a warning
to slow down.

I remember too, not to take anything for granted.
Each day that we have, feeling good, is such a gift.
I am reminded too of a saying that goes something
like this..."we make plans and God laughs".

Fingers crossed, I will continue to improve and be able to maintain a
somewhat busy schedule. Ever mindful of the choices one has, each day,
each moment. I will be conscious of the decisions I make.
Remembering the consequences of overdoing it, I will proceed with

Wish me luck.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hey.Hey.Hey. It's Saturday.

So here I am.
Not yet 4AM on this Saturday Morning,
and I've been up already, for close to an

This is my favorite time of the day.
No distractions.
Hitting the computer.

Yesterday was a gift from the God's
that be, in so many ways...

For starters, my young friend, Videographer
Daniel Vargas met me @the Studio to go over
the video footage of Musing with Myra,
Installment #1.

I'm so excited and thrilled to have Daniel
on Board, helping me document what exactly
goes on at one of my Arts Networking Events.

It was a trip, actually seeing and hearing myself
on video. Sobering to say the least.
Happily, it's not that bad. The editing will
improve the final product and we had fun
reliving the evening and planning how we
will proceed from here, going forward.

Daniel assured me, that come Tuesday,
I will have something to post on Facebook
and YouTube.
So, of course, I'm asking all, to stay tuned.
Will welcome feedback, once this is

Around 2PM, Artist Leon Rosenblatt stopped
by to view the segment of his Artist Talk that
Daniel had recorded, @the launch of my 1st
Musing with Myra for 2011.

The 3 of us then proceeded to Photographer
Mark Diamond's Home/Studio for some
insight into the process he uses in creating
his remarkable 3 dimensional work.
Mark is also a genius in the hologram
department. He's a remarkably gifted,
is so many ways.

I loved this part of the day the most.
It was thrilling to witness the interaction
of these 3 creative minds at work.

Daniel and I left and went for a bite
to eat @guess where?
Why Wynwood K & B of course.
OMG, I should own some stock in
that establishment.

Actually, I think I would be willing
to pay a membership fee for the
privilege of showing up there every
day and enjoying all the welcoming,
smiling faces and the good eats.

The highlight of this stop was that
in checking in with Artist Peter Tunney,
he graciously accepted my invitation to
be the next Guest Artist for Installment #2
of Musing with Myra on March 16th.

Mark your calendars now, please.
This is sure to be fabulous evening
@Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, 5-8PM.

I'm excited to be presenting Peter as
our Guest Artist.
I have been a fan of his work since the
1st time I saw it during Art Basel, this
past December.

I am impressed with the scale of the
canvas's that he produces, not to mention
the assorted words and phases he chooses
in creating the final product.
Awe inspiring.
Motivational and visually stunning,

Stop by and see for yourselves,
@our next Event.

5:30 I took Daniel back to pick up
his car and spent the next hour
@my Studio, getting things in order
for today.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the
stamina to continue on to Jazz @MOCA.
Instead, I was grateful to go home and
get to bed early.

I recognize that I can't do it all,
damit. LOL. The truth is, that
each day seems to develop it's own
unique flow, always bringing welcomed
surprises along the way.

That's the miracle that I am discovering.
If you just show up, amazing things can

I am reminded daily too, that there are
no coincidences and no mistakes.

Today's plan includes meeting up with
my childhood friend Carole, visiting
from California, for lunch @Wynwood
K&B...this is embarrassing folks...
But, you see, to me, this is part of the
magic that is Wynwood and perfectly
captures the essence of all that is
exciting in the emergence of this
destination neighborhood.

There you have it.
More of the same.
To those of you who have
managed to stay engaged
and follow this post to the
Thank you from the bottom
of my heart.

Nothing like encouragement
to feed the soul.

God Bless.

Pass it forward people.

Do the next right thing.

Above all else, remember
yo Momma says...
Follow your Dream.
All things are possible.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday, Lovely Friday, 2/25/11

Once more, a day of
jam packed activities

A wonderful friend, of over 30 yrs.
visited with me @my Studio.
Then off for lunch to,
where else but,
Wynwood K & B. LOL.

So life affirming, catching
up with people you share
history with.

Had productive hours
creating @the Studio too,
which delights me, as I
have not been so focused
lately, on my Art.

Exciting plans in the works
going forward with my
Musing with Myra Arts
Networking Events.

Mark your calendars now,
please, for Wednesday,
March 16, 5-8PM for
Installment #2 .
Musing @
Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.
Featured guest artist
not yet confirmed.
Will announce when I
generate the invitation
on Facebook in the next
several days.

I'm also thrilled and totally
honored that I have been
asked to participate on a
Panel @The Bass Museum,
on Saturday, March 19, 3-5PM,
for a Pecha Cucha Presentation.

Pecha Cucha is a format from
Japan, kind of like Art Sushi.
Addressing Art and Design
in terms of accessibility to
all. My friend Carl Hildebrand
is the spear head behind these
presentations, here in So. Fla.

Wish me luck.

11AM this morning will be
meeting with the talented
videographer, Daniel Vargas
@my Studio to go thru
footage of our last Musing.
Need to edit and get this
up on Facebook and You Tube.
First attempt.
Hope it works.

Also of note, Saturday,
March 5th, starting @
noon, I think, The Historic
MiMo District, where my
Studio is, will be hosting
a fabulous day of Art and
Fun on the Streets and in
the Restaurants and
Retail Establishments,
along this Historic Corridor
of Biscayne Blvd.

I have to laugh, when I think
that my Father is probably
rolling over in his grave,
knowing his only daughter,
has a Studio, with the address
of 6900 Biscayne Blvd.
Historically, this was the
heart of "Prostitute Row".
How ironic, really.

So folks, that's the report
for today.

Fingers crossed, I will still
be standing this evening
for Jazz @MOCA, one of my
favorite events, the last
Friday of each month.
Tonights performance is
by the legendary vocalist,
Nicole Henry.

Putting out wishes for
a safe, productive day
of friends, Art and

Blessed and grateful.

Life is good : )

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Had the most beautiful, meaningful day with my beloved friend, Stephanie.

We met @my Studio @11AM and spent some quality time catching up with each other.
I feel so blessed to have such remarkable, loving, talented friends.

Then the real fun began...

Because Stephanie is back in So. Fla. for a while now, I wanted to give her my
personal Wynwood/Design District/MiMo tour.

1st stop Stash Gallery on NE 50th Terrace then on to the Artist Evo Love's
home to view her amazing collection of Street Art.

Stephanie couldn't believe her eyes...
Every wall is covered with original works of Art,
representing a life time of collecting.

We got to see The LOVE Bus, lovingly hand painted
by several of Evo's buddies. Totally tricked out for
her trip to NYC to participate @Fountain, a satellite
show of The Armory, taking place this coming
week in The City.

For anyone reading this, that happens to be in NYC,
be sure to check out her EVO LOVE's Art work there.
You will not be disappointed.

We then tooled up and down the streets that
comprise The East Buena Vista Hood, with beautiful
1930's Historical houses, lovingly restored with
young, international families reviving this little
jewel of a Historical Neighborhood.

On to our main destination, that being my favorite
place to see and be seen, Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

We arrived after 1PM and enjoyed the most delicious
special of the day...
Perfectly seared Salmon Fillet with lemon peel
pieces served atop fresh arugula with tomato
risotta and potato croquette's. Flawless.
A starter of tiny lamp chop skewers was the
beginning of our meal and we finished up
with heavenly coconut ice cream.

Next of course, was a tour of the Graffiti
Mural Walls Park and a quick visit to Artist
Peter Tunney's amazing Studio/Gallery
Space in the back.

Then a on to a car tour of more Graffiti
Walls and all the development that is
going on in Wynwood.

I had the pleasure to taking Steph to
see Lotus House, in Overtown.
She is interested in offering her
healing and tai chi expertise to
the clients there and was curious
to meet Constance Collins Margulies.

I had the privilege of having volunteered
@Lotus House for several months last
year and wanted Stephanie to see this
remarkable Zen like space that has been
created in the heart of Overtown.

Dropped Stephanie @her car after 3PM
and spent some time in the Studio.

At around 4:30 Kerry McLaney of
Miami's Independent Thinkers showed
up to accompany me to The Haitian
Cultural Center in Little Haiti on NE 59th Street.
We attended a Town Hall Meeting hosted by
The Knight Foundation with Dennis Scholl,
VP of the Knight Arts Challenge explaining
what is involved in applying for a grant from
Knight Arts.

For starters The Knight Foundation has
an open call for ALL.
Everyone and anyone is invited to submit
their idea or ideas regarding an Art Project.

The only requirements are as follows:

1. Idea must be about Art.
2. Must take place in So. Fla.
3. Must find funding to match the grant.

The Knight Arts Challenge is a 5 year
program funded with 40 million dollars.
This is the 3rd year of this project.

Their purpose is to encourage Artistic
Endeavors, raise artistic standards,
providing unity, the soul of the community.
These were all key points in the presentation.

Building and fueling momentum in the current
art scene within the community, is their mission.

The hardest thing about the submission process,
I think, is that your idea is limited to 150 words only.
You've got to state your idea and make an impression
in these few words.

Well that's it for now.
Imagine if I had to limit this post to just 150 words.
Wouldn't have gone on and on then,
would it have?

Stay focused and productive as the day unfolds.

Sending love out to the Universe.

Life is good.

I am grateful.

: )

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, February 23. 2011

Good Morning World.
Long time since I last attempted to make an entry here
on my Musing with Myra Blog.
Fingers crossed.

A week ago today, I launched my 1st Arts Networking
Event for 2011.
32 people showed up for Musing with Myra, which was
held @Uva Restaurant & Lounge, 6900 Biscayne Blvd.,
Historic MiMo District.

It was like a reunion of sorts for many.

The featured guest Artist was Leon Rosenblatt.
I have known Leon since we were 9 yrs. old.
I have recognized and admired his incredible
talent all these years.
I'm not the only one either.
In his 20's Leon was made Art Director
of The Miami Herald's Tropic Magazine.
He did the most amazing job while at
the helm there.
Collaborating with the likes of Andy Warhol,
who sat for a portrait by Leon.
He managed to get Robert Rauschenberg
to do a cover for Tropic that made history.

His presentation on Streamers, his new
body of work was wonderful.
The audience was interested and engaged
in what he had to share.

Installment #2 of Musing with Myra is
scheduled for Wednesday, March 16th,
5-8PM @Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.

Stay tuned for confirmation as to who
the Guest Artist will be.

In the meantime I'm experiencing
frustration @the moment is downloading
photo's from iPhoto.
So I am sorry that there are no visuals
posted @this time.

Practically every day, nights included,
I'm out there taking advantage of all
the Miami Art Scene has to offer.

Sadly, this past Monday was the
Memorial Service, or as I prefer
to call it, The Celebration of
Jon Spenser Eiseman's life.
Our dear friend Jon passed away
the very morning of my Musing
last week.
We observed a moment of silence
in his memory that evening.

The Celebration was a beautifully
orchestrated event.
The Chapel was set up with lots
of Jon's Art Work on display
and a most beautiful video
played on a screen accompanied
by music that Jon loved.

I like to think that Jon has been
set free @last...that his spirit is
soaring. God knows he touched
so many lives.
An amazing person and Artist,
his legacy will live on thru his
work and the memories we all
carry with us.

Yesterday, I had a send off lunch
with my girl, the Artist Evo Love
and her significant other Romaine.
They are getting ready to launch
their LOVE BUS all the way to
NYC for Fountain Art, a Satellite
Art Fair to The Armory Show.
Get ready NYC, LOVE is in the

Today I will be going into the
Studio to meet with Stephanie
the Tai Chi Master.
Hoping she will impart some
Zen moments into my life.

That's the post for today.

Hope this finds you all happy
and fulfilled.

Make Art, that's what
yo Momma says.