Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Isn't The New Image I Uploaded On This Blog, Appearing?

Wednesday . March 30. 2011 . How Will The Day Unfold?

Good Morning World.

It's Wednesday, the next to last day of March and I'm wondering what will be revealed as I make my way thru this day?

My one scheduled commitment is @2PM @my Studio with my friend and spiritual/healing guide,Stephanie Rosenblatt.
I'm so looking forward to this special time together.

My Studio is becoming my favorite place to be on a daily basis. Thank goodness for this too.
My wish is to establish a comfortable routine that includes daily hours @the Studio, creating

I'm still reeling from a dreamy weekend with Prince Charming. What the future holds, remains to be seen. I am grateful that this man has appeared in my life and have to work at allowing things to proceed in their own time. Ugg! This requires such restraint on my part. Something
I pray for each day; restraint and grace in my daily endeavors.

My typical MO is NOW. I want it right now, this very. minute. I am learning however, that all
things take time. Patience is required. Knowing that it's the journey, not the destination that
counts, allows me "Ah" moments to breathe and digest all that is transpiring in my daily life.

Yesterday was spent at home doing my Taxes. What a learning experience this is in life too.
It allowed me to see, more or less, where my money goes. Love when things are broken down into categories, allowing me an overview of expenses. The lessons learned from this exercise
will serve me well in the coming year.

As March ends, I shall welcome April and it's showers. Ah, Springtime.
Saw several birds with makings of nests in their beaks yesterday on my terrace. The cycle of
life continues. Rebirth, renewal...A time for everything.

So that's the view this early AM as I face the day ahead.
I look forward to being out there in this big world allowing myself the opportunities that will
present themselves today.

Stay tuned.
The best is yet to come.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Creating in the Studio . yo MOMMA's in The House.

So here she is folks...yo MOMMA's in the House. She's been a long time in the making...months
really. I've been fooling around with fonts and images with several of my Artist/Designer friends and finally we had achieved what I thought I wanted...

Simple, clean lettering with an elegant paisley flourish in green. This I thought, should be it. I had in fact, confirmed with Leon Rosenblatt, to please go ahead and order a roll of 500 stickers. I was itching to have something to start putting up around town, just like all the other
Street Artists...but destiny has a way of appearing out the blue, as was definitely the case here.

My Artist friends from Jacksonville, Steve Williams and Aloysius Golden visited with me in
my Studio last weekend. Then on Monday morning I awoke to find a totally unsolicited, stellar image on my Facebook Wall, courtesy of Mr. Golden, as a gift to me.

Reference the image above, rather Shepard Fairey like with MYRA printed on it and the piece de resistance, in red, the words, "obey yo Momma". I was out of my mind thrilled with what I saw...Rendered rather speechless too.
Taking time to digest what I was seeing, I was faced with a dilemma. What to
do now???

Here was this totally new perspective to consider and sure, just my luck, I had just signed
off and committed to printing the green paisley flourished image.
And here in lies the beauty in life...The original order never got placed as Leon was having difficulty staying up and on line that entire day.

and then the games began...I put it out there to people I respect, asking their opinion. NOBODY my inspiration and Urban Street Artist Extraordinaire, chimed in with his take on
this particular image and sent me his version. The "Y" with Myra image inside the "O".

So now I had 3 different ways to go. Which would it be? I was so conflicted.

In the end, I have decided to go with Mr. Golden's original image. So that's what is now in
the process of being turned into vinyl stickers. But this is just the beginning of the story really.

Yesterday @the Studio I was itching to do some playing with printed images of all the different
designs, trying to come up with something that was provocative and that felt like it truly fit.

That's where the Calvin Kline cut out model image came in. I attached the "voice balloon"
image, courtesy of Mr. NOBODY, coming out of the opening where the models head should
appear. I love it.

And so with as much fanfare as I can muster up on Facebook and word of mouth, I am introducing that image here, now.

Interestingly too, was the fact that just yesterday there was an article posted on Facebook about copyright infringement and Street Artists using other people's images.
How appropriate.

With any luck I'll get slammed with law suits, which would be perfect in terms of giving me
exposure, I'm thinking...In my heart, I'm hoping that won't really happen, but I'm just saying...

In the meantime be on the look out people, on the Streets and who knows where else???
Soon "Myra" with "obey yo Momma" stickers will be popping up all over.

If you're interested in being part of the ground forces in spreading the word, please contact
me. I'll be happy to send you some of your own "MYRA/MOMMA" stickers for you to post
in your hometown.

Get ready World. MYRA, yo Momma's in the House.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Did It. Big Hit. I Am Grateful. 3/20/11

It's just Sunday AM.
Grateful that my 2 big Events are behind me.
Pleased that they were both well received.

Yesterday @The Bass Museum of Art was
a panel presentation for Petcha Kutcha.
My friend Carl Hildebrand has presented
10 + of these.
I was honored to be asked to present along

Jason Hedges, Artist. Mostly recognized
for his "Food Installations".

Kathleen Carignan,Esq. from Legal Art.
1st Artist Residency Facility up and running
in downtown Miami.

Kerry McLaney of Miami's Independent Thinkers.

Karell Levy. Textile, Performance Artist extraordinaire.

Dennis Leyva, Art in Public Places Coordinator for Miami Beach.

Dr. Adrienne Von Lates, Director of Education for The Bass Museum of Art.

We each had 5 minutes to tell our stories with the aid of a 20 image
power point presentation.

We all rocked the house.

I haven't been to The Bass in more years than I care to admit and
was blown away with the amazing facility that it has become.

Left thinking how I need to visit The Bass more often.
If only parking were not such an issue...

My Musing with Myra Event.Installment 2, took place Wednesday
evening @Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.
Guest Artist Peter Tunney was outstanding and so generous in sharing
his time and process with an engaged and appreciative audience.

At 9AM I am due for my weekly holistic massage with the remarkable
Veronique. Her healing hands allow me to maintain the hectic schedule
I've been keeping lately and I am so grateful. I consider this an invaluable
investment in my well being.

12 noon scheduled to meet up with Jacksonville Artist Steve Williams
for Brunch @Morgan's, then on to my Studio where Steve will help hang
one of his beautiful canvas, hopefully.

I am so blessed. Each day, I am amazed at the good fortune that comes
my way. My mission is to pass this forward.

How am I doing so far?

If the feedback from today is any indication, apparently, I'm doing just

Thank you, one and all for encouraging and supporting me in my efforts.

Remarkable what we are able to accomplish together.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday . March 16 . 2011

4AM and I'm @my computer.
Somethings never change.

Looking forward to this evening
and Installement 2 of my Monthly
Arts Networking Event,

Anticipating a big turn out.
Musing with Myra @Wynwood Kitchen & Bar,
for the 1st time.

People are curious about this uber
chic hub of Contemporary Art and
will show up just to check out the

Counting on my loyal possee showing up and
supporting me in my efforts to create dialogue
and fraternization within the community of
Artists, Designers and Creative types.

Trusting all will work out according
to plan and being open to some surprises
as well.

Yesterday was a challenge for me.

Shout out to Carl Hildebrand for his
persistance in finessing me thru the
process of creating a 20 image, power
point presentation for his Petcha Ketcha
Panel Discussion, taking place on Saturday
@Bass Museum of Art on Miami Beach.
I am thrilled and honored to be one of the
presenters for this Event.

Staying on point and completing this task
was cathartic in so many ways.
Mostly, it allowed me a snapshot of the
progress I have made, going back some
14 months ago.

Starting in December 2009, during
Art Basel, when I did my first column
Jammin @Joey's for

Amazing how times flies, if you're having
fun or not.

Jammin @Joey's continued thru May 2009
and then morphed into a weekly
Arts Networking Event called
Musing @Morgans.

In October 2010, I took a Studio.Gallery.Salon,
UPSTAIRS @Uva Restaurant & Lounge and
changed the name of my event to

On Feburary 16, 2011, I had the launch of my
now Monthly Event @UVA with the 1st featured,
Guest Artist Talk with Artist Leon Rosenblatt.
Video is up on YouTube, Facebook and somewhere
here on my blog page. Although we're still working
at getting the Artist Talk portion with Leon on a separate
video...Bear with us, please.

Tonights event is featuring Artist Peter Tunney
who has a Studio/Gallery Space in the Mural Park
@Wynwood K+B. Love the man and his work.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Morning, Spring Forward . 2nd Saturday . Wynwood Art Walk 3/12/11

Good Morning, Spring Forward.

It's Sunday, early morning and here I sit at the computer trusting that inspiration will materialize as I attempt to put together a cohesive story for my morning blog post.

Trusting too, that someone, anyone really, will take the time to read this post.
Knowing full well, that I will reap the benefit, regardless, of clearing my head by
pursuing this exercise in reporting on my daily escapades.

So here we go folks...

Waking up yesterday morning, recognizing that if I wanted to survive the day and
make it out last night for the Wynwood Art Walk, I would need to scratch any other
commitments for the day.

Even after a mostly quiet day spent @home taking it easy, I still had to convince myself
that it would be worth my effort to get it together and treck down to Wynwood.
I had a faith that if I just showed up, somehow things would materialize in a favorable

Boy, did they ever.
Thank you, oh Great Universe,
for bestowing good fortune upon me,
yet once again.

My evening started on NW 2nd Avenue and 27th Street where I parked my car
and met up with my Partner in All Things Art, Kerry McLaney of Miami's Independent

We proceded in walking South down NW 2nd Ave. and entering one Gallery after
another. I was curious to see if the new earlier hours, of this Monthly Art Walk, would
affect the turn out of people and change the pulse of the evening.
No surprise.
As the evening progressed, the Streets filled up.
So many families with young children.
Lots of baby strollers.
Old and young people, all milling about,
taking in all the sights and sounds.

There were several sightings of performance artists standing solo,
facing a wall.
It was fun witnessing this and the reaction of the people walking by.
Many folks would stop and mirror the performance artist by standing
back to back with them, camera's flashing, as people documented
this occurrence.

The photo's that I will post here, are testimony to the range of Art
that was being shown in the various Galleries.

Unfortunately I did not take notes.
Forgive me now, for not knowing
the names of particular Galleries and/or Artists.

Our stops included Butter Gallery for Artist Jipsy's opening of
photographic images of life as she knows it, here in Miami.

Fredrick Snitzer's Gallery featured work by Hernan Bas.

The other Gallery names are escaping me at the moment.
But my memory will be jogged once the photo's are uploaded,
and I will hopefully, be more detailed in my descriptions there.

My goal was to be @Calix Gallery @9PM for a Burlesque Performance
by Sofia a friend of Kerry's.

Meanwhile, it was magical, really, how many people I did run into
along the way.

Friends from Coral Springs came down
for their 1st Wynwood Walk.
Wouldn't you know it, we ran into
each other, just like that.
This is the kind of serendipitous evening I was granted.

Ended the night @Wynwood Kitchen & Bar for a late
night snack and proceeded, safely home to Hollywood
by Midnight, just in time to turn my clocks forward...

And so it goes...Springing forward. Completing the

"To every thing, there is a season, and a time to
every purpose".
A time for new beginnings.

So as you wake today and go about your daily routines,
I hope you will be mindful of the greatness, of each new Season.

Open you hearts and minds to all the new beginnings
awaiting you, when you are willing to just show up
and participate.

The possibilities are endless, and so it goes People.

The Circle of Life.

Whether you are part of the "in circle"
or you find yourself "out of the circle"...
Thinking "inside the box", or "outside the box",
it doesn't matter.

What matters is being present in the moment.
Taking the good along with the bad and opening
ourselves to all that is awaiting us on our journey.