Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday . March 30. 2011 . How Will The Day Unfold?

Good Morning World.

It's Wednesday, the next to last day of March and I'm wondering what will be revealed as I make my way thru this day?

My one scheduled commitment is @2PM @my Studio with my friend and spiritual/healing guide,Stephanie Rosenblatt.
I'm so looking forward to this special time together.

My Studio is becoming my favorite place to be on a daily basis. Thank goodness for this too.
My wish is to establish a comfortable routine that includes daily hours @the Studio, creating

I'm still reeling from a dreamy weekend with Prince Charming. What the future holds, remains to be seen. I am grateful that this man has appeared in my life and have to work at allowing things to proceed in their own time. Ugg! This requires such restraint on my part. Something
I pray for each day; restraint and grace in my daily endeavors.

My typical MO is NOW. I want it right now, this very. minute. I am learning however, that all
things take time. Patience is required. Knowing that it's the journey, not the destination that
counts, allows me "Ah" moments to breathe and digest all that is transpiring in my daily life.

Yesterday was spent at home doing my Taxes. What a learning experience this is in life too.
It allowed me to see, more or less, where my money goes. Love when things are broken down into categories, allowing me an overview of expenses. The lessons learned from this exercise
will serve me well in the coming year.

As March ends, I shall welcome April and it's showers. Ah, Springtime.
Saw several birds with makings of nests in their beaks yesterday on my terrace. The cycle of
life continues. Rebirth, renewal...A time for everything.

So that's the view this early AM as I face the day ahead.
I look forward to being out there in this big world allowing myself the opportunities that will
present themselves today.

Stay tuned.
The best is yet to come.

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