Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday.

It's almost 1PM and I haven't made it out of the house yet.

Needing to take this time to semi, re-group and accomplish
the neglected day to day details, that tend to pile up.

Can anyone relate to this dilemma?

Ah, the mundane, the who cares, the so what...
Well in order to be carefree most of my days,
I suppose this is not such a tragic event...

Just feeling kind of off.

What to do?

Decided to attempt a post on my Blog...

Which brings up the question,
is this a blog?
is it a journal?

The bigger question is,
does it matter?

I'd like to think not.
What matters is that I make an
honest attempt each day to do
a little something outside the box.

How am I doing so far, people?

Only time will tell.

I am reminded of the saying,
"it's the journey, not the destination".

Slow and steady wins the race.
With me, this is a struggle because
I want every day to be New Year's Eve.

Bottom line...
I'm breathing somewhat easier now,
having attacked some of the stacks of
build up.
Cleaning house, so to speak.

Who wouldn't feel better after that?

With a little luck and some effort,
I will attend my friend, Kerry McLaney's,
Miami Independent Thinkers Event
this evening @Cafeina.

Stay tuned for a report on this tomorrow.

In the meantime putting out a hope and
a prayer that the Universe will provide
all that is needed for each of us today.

Make it work.

or as

Just do it!

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