Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just A Typical Friday, Musing with Myra Style. 3/11/11

Photo's of Paloma Teppa's newest work, Unicorns and Horses, Oh My.
Available @her shop Plant the Future in Wynwood.

Stephanie and Leon Rosenblatt @our late night stop. Wynwood K+B (this was intended to be the last of my post)

Today's post is proving a challenge.
Kind of backwards, if you know what
I mean?
Should have all of this posted in reverse,
but I only have so much patience and
expertise in this posting dynamic, People.
So please indulge me here : )
No surpirse, a sighting of my man, NOBODY, Street Artist Extraordinaire and his "Hello My Name Is" sticker on Wynwood Sticker Wall. Similar sightings have taken place all around the
World. Look out for this "Art Is My Weapon", Provocateur on the Streets where you live

My day started off meeting up with friends, Liz and John
(above photo) at my Studio for a walk thru. Then on to,
Myra's Deluxe/Excecutive Tour of Wynwood/Design District.
No surprise that this culminated with a stop
@Wynwood K+B for a late afternoon, bite.
We visited the Sticker Wall that is in the back of
The Graffiti Park. Always included on my tour a
stop @Paloma Teppa's, Plant the Future Shop for
some more creative, visual stimulation.

Photo's from Collaborative Show @BAC featuring work by Artist Anthony Ardavin and
Rosa Nady Garmendia above.

AND NOW to the ORIGINAL POST...Meant to begin, as follows:

Living to tell the tale, one more day,
by Myra Wexler.

And what a day/night it was.

Fabulous Opening Show @Ladder Gallery.
Curated by Artist and Gallery Owner,
Sinuhe Vega. Titled "FROM 19 and 20th
Century Landscapes TO 20 and 21st Century
Searches for Personal Landscapes.
New works featured by Artists, Sinuhe Vega,
Leon Rosenblatt, Fredrick Vega and 4 others.

With the parking lot turned into a Living Room
setting outside and a perfect So. Florida night.
we had a marvelous response
to this opening show.

Total shocker tho, folks, I realized too late,
that I never shot, even one photo of this event.
What a pity, too. Working @letting this go,
as in the long run, the actual experience is what
really counts.

Around 9PM I snuck out and made it over
to The Bakehouse in Wynwood for their
2nd Friday Opening and "In the Yard Party".

Such an amazing turnout, that parking was a challenge.
So glad I made the effort.
An Artist that I love and collect, Anthony Ardavin
and Artist, Rosa Nady Garmendia, had the Opening
of their Collaborative Show.
The photo's above are examples of just some
of the new pieces, exhibited last night.

My night ended with another stop @Wynwood K+B
for a late night snack with Leon and Stephanie Rosenblatt.
(photo's above).

Looking forward to tonight's, 2nd Saturday Art Walk
in the Wynwood/Design District. Sure to be a winner.

Tune in tomorrow for new posting.

In the meantime, I will be chilling for most of the day,
as I want to be fresh as a daisy, for tonight's escapades.

Suppose to meet up with Larry and Peter at some point.
Will be traveling with my LOVE posse. Artist Evo Love,
Artist/Photographer, Romain Gateau and of course,
Joey, Evo's Dad.

Of note people, the Art Walk has new hours scheduled
starting today...Galleries will be opening and closing earlier.
Starting @2PM and ending @9PM.

Sure to be lots of people in the streets and plenty of
Food Trucks competing for business. And the ART
of course. New discoveries, no doubt.

Remember folks,
yo Momma says,
"Put your best foot forward.
Kindness and compassion
goes a long way
As you encounter others
on this shared journey today,
be sure you are
showing the love".

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