Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Did It. Big Hit. I Am Grateful. 3/20/11

It's just Sunday AM.
Grateful that my 2 big Events are behind me.
Pleased that they were both well received.

Yesterday @The Bass Museum of Art was
a panel presentation for Petcha Kutcha.
My friend Carl Hildebrand has presented
10 + of these.
I was honored to be asked to present along

Jason Hedges, Artist. Mostly recognized
for his "Food Installations".

Kathleen Carignan,Esq. from Legal Art.
1st Artist Residency Facility up and running
in downtown Miami.

Kerry McLaney of Miami's Independent Thinkers.

Karell Levy. Textile, Performance Artist extraordinaire.

Dennis Leyva, Art in Public Places Coordinator for Miami Beach.

Dr. Adrienne Von Lates, Director of Education for The Bass Museum of Art.

We each had 5 minutes to tell our stories with the aid of a 20 image
power point presentation.

We all rocked the house.

I haven't been to The Bass in more years than I care to admit and
was blown away with the amazing facility that it has become.

Left thinking how I need to visit The Bass more often.
If only parking were not such an issue...

My Musing with Myra Event.Installment 2, took place Wednesday
evening @Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.
Guest Artist Peter Tunney was outstanding and so generous in sharing
his time and process with an engaged and appreciative audience.

At 9AM I am due for my weekly holistic massage with the remarkable
Veronique. Her healing hands allow me to maintain the hectic schedule
I've been keeping lately and I am so grateful. I consider this an invaluable
investment in my well being.

12 noon scheduled to meet up with Jacksonville Artist Steve Williams
for Brunch @Morgan's, then on to my Studio where Steve will help hang
one of his beautiful canvas, hopefully.

I am so blessed. Each day, I am amazed at the good fortune that comes
my way. My mission is to pass this forward.

How am I doing so far?

If the feedback from today is any indication, apparently, I'm doing just

Thank you, one and all for encouraging and supporting me in my efforts.

Remarkable what we are able to accomplish together.

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