Thursday, March 24, 2011

Creating in the Studio . yo MOMMA's in The House.

So here she is folks...yo MOMMA's in the House. She's been a long time in the making...months
really. I've been fooling around with fonts and images with several of my Artist/Designer friends and finally we had achieved what I thought I wanted...

Simple, clean lettering with an elegant paisley flourish in green. This I thought, should be it. I had in fact, confirmed with Leon Rosenblatt, to please go ahead and order a roll of 500 stickers. I was itching to have something to start putting up around town, just like all the other
Street Artists...but destiny has a way of appearing out the blue, as was definitely the case here.

My Artist friends from Jacksonville, Steve Williams and Aloysius Golden visited with me in
my Studio last weekend. Then on Monday morning I awoke to find a totally unsolicited, stellar image on my Facebook Wall, courtesy of Mr. Golden, as a gift to me.

Reference the image above, rather Shepard Fairey like with MYRA printed on it and the piece de resistance, in red, the words, "obey yo Momma". I was out of my mind thrilled with what I saw...Rendered rather speechless too.
Taking time to digest what I was seeing, I was faced with a dilemma. What to
do now???

Here was this totally new perspective to consider and sure, just my luck, I had just signed
off and committed to printing the green paisley flourished image.
And here in lies the beauty in life...The original order never got placed as Leon was having difficulty staying up and on line that entire day.

and then the games began...I put it out there to people I respect, asking their opinion. NOBODY my inspiration and Urban Street Artist Extraordinaire, chimed in with his take on
this particular image and sent me his version. The "Y" with Myra image inside the "O".

So now I had 3 different ways to go. Which would it be? I was so conflicted.

In the end, I have decided to go with Mr. Golden's original image. So that's what is now in
the process of being turned into vinyl stickers. But this is just the beginning of the story really.

Yesterday @the Studio I was itching to do some playing with printed images of all the different
designs, trying to come up with something that was provocative and that felt like it truly fit.

That's where the Calvin Kline cut out model image came in. I attached the "voice balloon"
image, courtesy of Mr. NOBODY, coming out of the opening where the models head should
appear. I love it.

And so with as much fanfare as I can muster up on Facebook and word of mouth, I am introducing that image here, now.

Interestingly too, was the fact that just yesterday there was an article posted on Facebook about copyright infringement and Street Artists using other people's images.
How appropriate.

With any luck I'll get slammed with law suits, which would be perfect in terms of giving me
exposure, I'm thinking...In my heart, I'm hoping that won't really happen, but I'm just saying...

In the meantime be on the look out people, on the Streets and who knows where else???
Soon "Myra" with "obey yo Momma" stickers will be popping up all over.

If you're interested in being part of the ground forces in spreading the word, please contact
me. I'll be happy to send you some of your own "MYRA/MOMMA" stickers for you to post
in your hometown.

Get ready World. MYRA, yo Momma's in the House.

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