Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Morning, Spring Forward . 2nd Saturday . Wynwood Art Walk 3/12/11

Good Morning, Spring Forward.

It's Sunday, early morning and here I sit at the computer trusting that inspiration will materialize as I attempt to put together a cohesive story for my morning blog post.

Trusting too, that someone, anyone really, will take the time to read this post.
Knowing full well, that I will reap the benefit, regardless, of clearing my head by
pursuing this exercise in reporting on my daily escapades.

So here we go folks...

Waking up yesterday morning, recognizing that if I wanted to survive the day and
make it out last night for the Wynwood Art Walk, I would need to scratch any other
commitments for the day.

Even after a mostly quiet day spent @home taking it easy, I still had to convince myself
that it would be worth my effort to get it together and treck down to Wynwood.
I had a faith that if I just showed up, somehow things would materialize in a favorable

Boy, did they ever.
Thank you, oh Great Universe,
for bestowing good fortune upon me,
yet once again.

My evening started on NW 2nd Avenue and 27th Street where I parked my car
and met up with my Partner in All Things Art, Kerry McLaney of Miami's Independent

We proceded in walking South down NW 2nd Ave. and entering one Gallery after
another. I was curious to see if the new earlier hours, of this Monthly Art Walk, would
affect the turn out of people and change the pulse of the evening.
No surprise.
As the evening progressed, the Streets filled up.
So many families with young children.
Lots of baby strollers.
Old and young people, all milling about,
taking in all the sights and sounds.

There were several sightings of performance artists standing solo,
facing a wall.
It was fun witnessing this and the reaction of the people walking by.
Many folks would stop and mirror the performance artist by standing
back to back with them, camera's flashing, as people documented
this occurrence.

The photo's that I will post here, are testimony to the range of Art
that was being shown in the various Galleries.

Unfortunately I did not take notes.
Forgive me now, for not knowing
the names of particular Galleries and/or Artists.

Our stops included Butter Gallery for Artist Jipsy's opening of
photographic images of life as she knows it, here in Miami.

Fredrick Snitzer's Gallery featured work by Hernan Bas.

The other Gallery names are escaping me at the moment.
But my memory will be jogged once the photo's are uploaded,
and I will hopefully, be more detailed in my descriptions there.

My goal was to be @Calix Gallery @9PM for a Burlesque Performance
by Sofia a friend of Kerry's.

Meanwhile, it was magical, really, how many people I did run into
along the way.

Friends from Coral Springs came down
for their 1st Wynwood Walk.
Wouldn't you know it, we ran into
each other, just like that.
This is the kind of serendipitous evening I was granted.

Ended the night @Wynwood Kitchen & Bar for a late
night snack and proceeded, safely home to Hollywood
by Midnight, just in time to turn my clocks forward...

And so it goes...Springing forward. Completing the

"To every thing, there is a season, and a time to
every purpose".
A time for new beginnings.

So as you wake today and go about your daily routines,
I hope you will be mindful of the greatness, of each new Season.

Open you hearts and minds to all the new beginnings
awaiting you, when you are willing to just show up
and participate.

The possibilities are endless, and so it goes People.

The Circle of Life.

Whether you are part of the "in circle"
or you find yourself "out of the circle"...
Thinking "inside the box", or "outside the box",
it doesn't matter.

What matters is being present in the moment.
Taking the good along with the bad and opening
ourselves to all that is awaiting us on our journey.

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