Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a difference a Day Bed Makes! 3/9/11


What a difference a Day Bed makes.
Fainting couch, day bed, call it what
you like.
All I know is that having this in my
Studio now, makes all the difference
in the World.

Ah, the moment I first got to relax
upon this perfect addition, I was a
in ecstasy.

I've been spending more time @my
Studio on a daily basis now, and the
fact that I now have a place to stretch
out and relax has totally enhanced my
experience, not to mention how great
I think the space looks with this new

Yesterday, started my day with an
important 9AM meeting, then off to
the Studio to meet up with my beloved
friend Stephanie, the Zen, Tai Chi Master,

We had the best time.
Making Art together,
we were laughing
and commenting how we felt
like 5 yr. olds on a play date.

Ah, the journey is rich.
How can one not be grateful
when each day is filled with
meaningful exchanges and
life affirming connections?

Today promises much of the
Daniel Vargas, the very talented
videographer who graciously is
collaborating with me on my
Musing with Myra, Arts Networking
Events is due @ the Studio @ 12 noon.

We have our work cut out for us too.
Daniel will be recording me talking
about myself and getting
some footage together for
who has contacted me wanting
to feature an interview of me and
what I do on their website.

Late in the afternoon, early evening,
I will be meeting up with my friend,
the very talented Artist, Leon Rosenblatt
for Preview Gallery Openings tonight in

Our stops will include Butter Gallery,
Dina Mitriani's Gallery for Peggy Nolan's
Photography Exhibit, then on to
Kelley Roy Gallery for a 50th Birthday
Celebration and Preview of work by
my most esteemed friend, the Artist,
Pablo Cano.
With any luck will continue on to
CIFO for a film presentation.

Shout out to my LOVE Child, the
oh so talented, Miss EVO LOVE.
Evo along with her partner Romaine,
have made it back home safely, to Miami
after an amazing 10 days in NYC for
The Fountain Show, where Evo was
an Exhibitor.

I'm sure that somewhere along the line
today, I will be stopping in to say hello
and share the LOVE.

I'm a lucky girl.
I don't take any of this for granted
How miraculous all of this is to me
is revealed on a daily basis.

Life is good.

Keep in mind today, all the possibities
awaiting to be revealed, as we each
put one foot in front of the other.

Make it a great Day people.

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