Thursday, March 3, 2011

Perfect Night . Perfect Setting . Miami's Independent Thinkers @ Cafeina

Having spent the entire day devoted to getting my house in order, I got myself together and
headed South to Wynwood for Miami's Independent Thinkers opening show, ELECTROCLECTIC
@Cafeina on NW 23rd St.
This was only my second time in this visually impressive space.

I arrived early and was happy that because of this, parking was not an issue.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Not to be missed folks.

Treat yourself to a mind expanding experience that totally delights the

This show is described to be solely comprised of progressive projection-based
New Media works, including digital, video and motion graphics, as well as
traditional projections and projection mapping.
13 Artists are listed as participants.

Walking into Cafeina's gorgeous space I was ready for a unique experience
The Wynwood Exhibition Center, comprised of 10,000 sq. feet of exhibit
space was a perfect venue for this miliue.

This collaborative New Media art exhibition showcasing South Florida's premiere,
emerging and young artists, did not disappoint either.

Remarkable truly, in every way.
I was entranced with the images projected on the walls.
Every where you looked, another original work of art, images and sound
were being projected and vying for your attention.

One more impressive than the next.

Hats off to Kerry McLaney, Laraine Hart, Heather + Sara (identical
twin sisters), the 4 young women behind this organization and this

How did these powerful young priestesse and goddesses pull off
such a feat?
Miami certainly is lucky to have them in our midst?
Take a must deserved bow, ladies.

Wishing all a safe, happy, enlightening day, in every way.

yo Momma says
Keep it Real
: )

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