Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a week I have had so far.
Highlighted Wednesday, December 29th, with a visit to The Margulies Collection, accompanied by my wonderful friend and landlord, the Artist, Sinuhe Vega.
I'm embarrassed admitting this, but it is the first time I have visited this space when it wasn't
full of people @an event.
What a different experience, entirely.
The photo's I will attempt to post after writing my impressions here,
are a visual tease of all that is The Margulies Warehouse.
As a novice really, it opened my eyes once again, to the important
role of a curator.
The scale of each piece of art and the way in which it is presented and displayed within this
remarkable space, is a masterful art in itself.
A most memorable experience for me and once again, I am reminded how lucky I am to
be living in this special City that is Miami.
More so...How lucky the City of Miami is to have citizens like a Marty Margulies creating
this kind of enrichment for all to partake.
Thank you, Mr. Margulies.