Thursday, August 26, 2010

Musing @ Morgan's . August 25 . 2010

@The Table left to right
Raffa Harris, Margaret Hoeveler, Arthur Salomon, Tina Salvesen,
Cesar Barroso, Astrid LaVie, Liam
Crotty, Paloma Teppa, Richard Russ,
Brooke, Baby Ethan, Denis Russ,
Marion Morgan, Cindy Roesel,
Randie Levine, Bob Pellegrini,
Pam Lahiff

New arrivals standing on right
David and Daniel Lombardi and
1st on left Jane Reilly...

Welcome one and all to my 1st post on my new Blog.
This past Wednesday, August 25th was my 9th week of hosting "Musing @ Morgan's".
We were 26 total, actually 27 if you're counting Baby Ethan.
Artists, Photographers, Designers, Musicians, they were all @The Table.