Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday . March 16 . 2011

4AM and I'm @my computer.
Somethings never change.

Looking forward to this evening
and Installement 2 of my Monthly
Arts Networking Event,

Anticipating a big turn out.
Musing with Myra @Wynwood Kitchen & Bar,
for the 1st time.

People are curious about this uber
chic hub of Contemporary Art and
will show up just to check out the

Counting on my loyal possee showing up and
supporting me in my efforts to create dialogue
and fraternization within the community of
Artists, Designers and Creative types.

Trusting all will work out according
to plan and being open to some surprises
as well.

Yesterday was a challenge for me.

Shout out to Carl Hildebrand for his
persistance in finessing me thru the
process of creating a 20 image, power
point presentation for his Petcha Ketcha
Panel Discussion, taking place on Saturday
@Bass Museum of Art on Miami Beach.
I am thrilled and honored to be one of the
presenters for this Event.

Staying on point and completing this task
was cathartic in so many ways.
Mostly, it allowed me a snapshot of the
progress I have made, going back some
14 months ago.

Starting in December 2009, during
Art Basel, when I did my first column
Jammin @Joey's for

Amazing how times flies, if you're having
fun or not.

Jammin @Joey's continued thru May 2009
and then morphed into a weekly
Arts Networking Event called
Musing @Morgans.

In October 2010, I took a Studio.Gallery.Salon,
UPSTAIRS @Uva Restaurant & Lounge and
changed the name of my event to

On Feburary 16, 2011, I had the launch of my
now Monthly Event @UVA with the 1st featured,
Guest Artist Talk with Artist Leon Rosenblatt.
Video is up on YouTube, Facebook and somewhere
here on my blog page. Although we're still working
at getting the Artist Talk portion with Leon on a separate
video...Bear with us, please.

Tonights event is featuring Artist Peter Tunney
who has a Studio/Gallery Space in the Mural Park
@Wynwood K+B. Love the man and his work.

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