Friday, March 11, 2011

We Make Plans and God Laughs. 3/11/12

I am reminded of this expression,
"we make plans and God laughs"
because of how yesterday turned
Not exactly as according to plans.

Daniel, my videographer collaborator
cancelled our noon meeting...
This on top of the downpour of rain
made me re evaluate my schedule
and I decided not to rush off to the
Studio 1st thing as originally planned.

As the day unfolded the skies were
black and there were reports of hail
and possible tornado's...

By 4PM the Sun was making it's best
effort to shine and I bit the bullet and
headed down to the Studio.

By 7PM, I was at Dina Mitriani's Gallery
for Peggy Nolan's Photography Exhibit.
Had a wonderful time, looking @ all the
images and discussing them with both
Dina and Peggy.

I then met up with my buddy, Miami's
Independent Thinkers, Kerry McLaney,
picking her up @Cafeina, where she was
making sure all was in order with the
show she and her group have going on
now. An amazing collaboration of video's
by 6 different Artists that is up @Cafeina
through the end of March.

We went together to Kelley Roy Gallery
on NE 29th Street in Wynwood, next
to Morgan's Restaurant for Pablo Cano's
Opening Show and to celebrate his 50th

What a show it is too, as is evidenced,
perhaps, by the photo's I have posted.

I am proud owner of one of Pablo's
incredible drawings called Adam & Eve,
from the early 1980's and last night saw
more than a few pieces I would adore
adding to my collection.

It was a beautiful moment in History
really, here in Miami, celebrating with
Pablo and his wonderful Mother and
Father and Sister too, all that Pablo
has accomplished in his career.

My biggest regret is that I failed to
take a photograph of the Birthday Cake
they had for him. It was gorgeous.

This show is a 1st for Pablo introducing
his amazing series of Cake Box Art,
The Women in White Series. These individual
cake boxes each have an original pen and ink
drawing cut out and mounted on assorted
old telephone book pages, some of them from
an old phone book from Cuba.
This is Pablo's way of supporting the efforts
of all these remarkable ladies, who go the extra
mile in making a political statement about all
the injustices occurring in Cuba. They are for
sale for $300. each and there are too many that
I would love to have.

Altogether the day was not a total wash afterall.

Ah, and here in lies the message folks.
My willingness to persevere and just show
up, allowed me a memorial experience with
friends, associates and Art, once again.

All together I'd say it was another very special
day that almost didn't happen.

Tonight the plan is to attend The BakeHouse
2nd Friday opening of a new show called
Impressions. Artist Jennifer Basile, my friend,
had her work selected to participate in this show
and I can't wait to see this piece and all the others
that were selected.

I plan on arriving @BAC by 6 or 6:30 so I can
see the show and say hello to so many of my
friends who have Studio's which will be open
during this Monthly Event.

Then off to my Studio space for Ladder Gallery's
Opening of "From 19 and 20th Century Landscapes
To 20 and 21st Century Searches for Personal Landscapes".
Featuring work by many Artists who are now deceased,
and new works by Artists, Sinuhe Vega, Frederic Vega,
Leon Rosenblatt and 4 others.

Looking forward to all of this.

Acknowledging my gratefulness to the Universe and
all my loving, supportive friends.
May this day be peaceful and enlightening as I make
my way.

Wishing you all the same.

Report to be posted one way or the other by
tomorrow, I am sure.

In the meantime, remember that
yo Momma says
Be good to one another.

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