Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday, Lovely Friday, 2/25/11

Once more, a day of
jam packed activities

A wonderful friend, of over 30 yrs.
visited with me @my Studio.
Then off for lunch to,
where else but,
Wynwood K & B. LOL.

So life affirming, catching
up with people you share
history with.

Had productive hours
creating @the Studio too,
which delights me, as I
have not been so focused
lately, on my Art.

Exciting plans in the works
going forward with my
Musing with Myra Arts
Networking Events.

Mark your calendars now,
please, for Wednesday,
March 16, 5-8PM for
Installment #2 .
Musing @
Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.
Featured guest artist
not yet confirmed.
Will announce when I
generate the invitation
on Facebook in the next
several days.

I'm also thrilled and totally
honored that I have been
asked to participate on a
Panel @The Bass Museum,
on Saturday, March 19, 3-5PM,
for a Pecha Cucha Presentation.

Pecha Cucha is a format from
Japan, kind of like Art Sushi.
Addressing Art and Design
in terms of accessibility to
all. My friend Carl Hildebrand
is the spear head behind these
presentations, here in So. Fla.

Wish me luck.

11AM this morning will be
meeting with the talented
videographer, Daniel Vargas
@my Studio to go thru
footage of our last Musing.
Need to edit and get this
up on Facebook and You Tube.
First attempt.
Hope it works.

Also of note, Saturday,
March 5th, starting @
noon, I think, The Historic
MiMo District, where my
Studio is, will be hosting
a fabulous day of Art and
Fun on the Streets and in
the Restaurants and
Retail Establishments,
along this Historic Corridor
of Biscayne Blvd.

I have to laugh, when I think
that my Father is probably
rolling over in his grave,
knowing his only daughter,
has a Studio, with the address
of 6900 Biscayne Blvd.
Historically, this was the
heart of "Prostitute Row".
How ironic, really.

So folks, that's the report
for today.

Fingers crossed, I will still
be standing this evening
for Jazz @MOCA, one of my
favorite events, the last
Friday of each month.
Tonights performance is
by the legendary vocalist,
Nicole Henry.

Putting out wishes for
a safe, productive day
of friends, Art and

Blessed and grateful.

Life is good : )

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  1. :-) <3

    So right about how affirming time with old friends can be! Shabbat Shalom!