Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, February 23. 2011

Good Morning World.
Long time since I last attempted to make an entry here
on my Musing with Myra Blog.
Fingers crossed.

A week ago today, I launched my 1st Arts Networking
Event for 2011.
32 people showed up for Musing with Myra, which was
held @Uva Restaurant & Lounge, 6900 Biscayne Blvd.,
Historic MiMo District.

It was like a reunion of sorts for many.

The featured guest Artist was Leon Rosenblatt.
I have known Leon since we were 9 yrs. old.
I have recognized and admired his incredible
talent all these years.
I'm not the only one either.
In his 20's Leon was made Art Director
of The Miami Herald's Tropic Magazine.
He did the most amazing job while at
the helm there.
Collaborating with the likes of Andy Warhol,
who sat for a portrait by Leon.
He managed to get Robert Rauschenberg
to do a cover for Tropic that made history.

His presentation on Streamers, his new
body of work was wonderful.
The audience was interested and engaged
in what he had to share.

Installment #2 of Musing with Myra is
scheduled for Wednesday, March 16th,
5-8PM @Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.

Stay tuned for confirmation as to who
the Guest Artist will be.

In the meantime I'm experiencing
frustration @the moment is downloading
photo's from iPhoto.
So I am sorry that there are no visuals
posted @this time.

Practically every day, nights included,
I'm out there taking advantage of all
the Miami Art Scene has to offer.

Sadly, this past Monday was the
Memorial Service, or as I prefer
to call it, The Celebration of
Jon Spenser Eiseman's life.
Our dear friend Jon passed away
the very morning of my Musing
last week.
We observed a moment of silence
in his memory that evening.

The Celebration was a beautifully
orchestrated event.
The Chapel was set up with lots
of Jon's Art Work on display
and a most beautiful video
played on a screen accompanied
by music that Jon loved.

I like to think that Jon has been
set free @last...that his spirit is
soaring. God knows he touched
so many lives.
An amazing person and Artist,
his legacy will live on thru his
work and the memories we all
carry with us.

Yesterday, I had a send off lunch
with my girl, the Artist Evo Love
and her significant other Romaine.
They are getting ready to launch
their LOVE BUS all the way to
NYC for Fountain Art, a Satellite
Art Fair to The Armory Show.
Get ready NYC, LOVE is in the

Today I will be going into the
Studio to meet with Stephanie
the Tai Chi Master.
Hoping she will impart some
Zen moments into my life.

That's the post for today.

Hope this finds you all happy
and fulfilled.

Make Art, that's what
yo Momma says.


  1. Myra, it's just so fabulous that you are bringing all this creativity together on a regular basis. LOVE it. Wish I was in Miami with you and all your amazing friends!

  2. and your friend stephanie also appreciates your dynamic art spin, open heart and connector of talented souls. all of us in miami are lucky to have your presence in our life. ahhh! see you later.

  3. I could not make it, I felt so bad... seriously I was feeling bad and that was the reason I could not be there this time... But I will be there next time.