Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hey.Hey.Hey. It's Saturday.

So here I am.
Not yet 4AM on this Saturday Morning,
and I've been up already, for close to an

This is my favorite time of the day.
No distractions.
Hitting the computer.

Yesterday was a gift from the God's
that be, in so many ways...

For starters, my young friend, Videographer
Daniel Vargas met me @the Studio to go over
the video footage of Musing with Myra,
Installment #1.

I'm so excited and thrilled to have Daniel
on Board, helping me document what exactly
goes on at one of my Arts Networking Events.

It was a trip, actually seeing and hearing myself
on video. Sobering to say the least.
Happily, it's not that bad. The editing will
improve the final product and we had fun
reliving the evening and planning how we
will proceed from here, going forward.

Daniel assured me, that come Tuesday,
I will have something to post on Facebook
and YouTube.
So, of course, I'm asking all, to stay tuned.
Will welcome feedback, once this is

Around 2PM, Artist Leon Rosenblatt stopped
by to view the segment of his Artist Talk that
Daniel had recorded, @the launch of my 1st
Musing with Myra for 2011.

The 3 of us then proceeded to Photographer
Mark Diamond's Home/Studio for some
insight into the process he uses in creating
his remarkable 3 dimensional work.
Mark is also a genius in the hologram
department. He's a remarkably gifted,
is so many ways.

I loved this part of the day the most.
It was thrilling to witness the interaction
of these 3 creative minds at work.

Daniel and I left and went for a bite
to eat @guess where?
Why Wynwood K & B of course.
OMG, I should own some stock in
that establishment.

Actually, I think I would be willing
to pay a membership fee for the
privilege of showing up there every
day and enjoying all the welcoming,
smiling faces and the good eats.

The highlight of this stop was that
in checking in with Artist Peter Tunney,
he graciously accepted my invitation to
be the next Guest Artist for Installment #2
of Musing with Myra on March 16th.

Mark your calendars now, please.
This is sure to be fabulous evening
@Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, 5-8PM.

I'm excited to be presenting Peter as
our Guest Artist.
I have been a fan of his work since the
1st time I saw it during Art Basel, this
past December.

I am impressed with the scale of the
canvas's that he produces, not to mention
the assorted words and phases he chooses
in creating the final product.
Awe inspiring.
Motivational and visually stunning,

Stop by and see for yourselves,
@our next Event.

5:30 I took Daniel back to pick up
his car and spent the next hour
@my Studio, getting things in order
for today.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the
stamina to continue on to Jazz @MOCA.
Instead, I was grateful to go home and
get to bed early.

I recognize that I can't do it all,
damit. LOL. The truth is, that
each day seems to develop it's own
unique flow, always bringing welcomed
surprises along the way.

That's the miracle that I am discovering.
If you just show up, amazing things can

I am reminded daily too, that there are
no coincidences and no mistakes.

Today's plan includes meeting up with
my childhood friend Carole, visiting
from California, for lunch @Wynwood
K&B...this is embarrassing folks...
But, you see, to me, this is part of the
magic that is Wynwood and perfectly
captures the essence of all that is
exciting in the emergence of this
destination neighborhood.

There you have it.
More of the same.
To those of you who have
managed to stay engaged
and follow this post to the
Thank you from the bottom
of my heart.

Nothing like encouragement
to feed the soul.

God Bless.

Pass it forward people.

Do the next right thing.

Above all else, remember
yo Momma says...
Follow your Dream.
All things are possible.


  1. stayed to the end. can't wait to see you on youtube

  2. hehe, it was awesome myra!
    gosh, i am so ugly on those pictures!
    anyways, looking forward to having the second episode of musing with myra.
    it was great, i should be able to upload th epics i took yesterday soon.

    till then, ta-ta