Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Had the most beautiful, meaningful day with my beloved friend, Stephanie.

We met @my Studio @11AM and spent some quality time catching up with each other.
I feel so blessed to have such remarkable, loving, talented friends.

Then the real fun began...

Because Stephanie is back in So. Fla. for a while now, I wanted to give her my
personal Wynwood/Design District/MiMo tour.

1st stop Stash Gallery on NE 50th Terrace then on to the Artist Evo Love's
home to view her amazing collection of Street Art.

Stephanie couldn't believe her eyes...
Every wall is covered with original works of Art,
representing a life time of collecting.

We got to see The LOVE Bus, lovingly hand painted
by several of Evo's buddies. Totally tricked out for
her trip to NYC to participate @Fountain, a satellite
show of The Armory, taking place this coming
week in The City.

For anyone reading this, that happens to be in NYC,
be sure to check out her EVO LOVE's Art work there.
You will not be disappointed.

We then tooled up and down the streets that
comprise The East Buena Vista Hood, with beautiful
1930's Historical houses, lovingly restored with
young, international families reviving this little
jewel of a Historical Neighborhood.

On to our main destination, that being my favorite
place to see and be seen, Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

We arrived after 1PM and enjoyed the most delicious
special of the day...
Perfectly seared Salmon Fillet with lemon peel
pieces served atop fresh arugula with tomato
risotta and potato croquette's. Flawless.
A starter of tiny lamp chop skewers was the
beginning of our meal and we finished up
with heavenly coconut ice cream.

Next of course, was a tour of the Graffiti
Mural Walls Park and a quick visit to Artist
Peter Tunney's amazing Studio/Gallery
Space in the back.

Then a on to a car tour of more Graffiti
Walls and all the development that is
going on in Wynwood.

I had the pleasure to taking Steph to
see Lotus House, in Overtown.
She is interested in offering her
healing and tai chi expertise to
the clients there and was curious
to meet Constance Collins Margulies.

I had the privilege of having volunteered
@Lotus House for several months last
year and wanted Stephanie to see this
remarkable Zen like space that has been
created in the heart of Overtown.

Dropped Stephanie @her car after 3PM
and spent some time in the Studio.

At around 4:30 Kerry McLaney of
Miami's Independent Thinkers showed
up to accompany me to The Haitian
Cultural Center in Little Haiti on NE 59th Street.
We attended a Town Hall Meeting hosted by
The Knight Foundation with Dennis Scholl,
VP of the Knight Arts Challenge explaining
what is involved in applying for a grant from
Knight Arts.

For starters The Knight Foundation has
an open call for ALL.
Everyone and anyone is invited to submit
their idea or ideas regarding an Art Project.

The only requirements are as follows:

1. Idea must be about Art.
2. Must take place in So. Fla.
3. Must find funding to match the grant.

The Knight Arts Challenge is a 5 year
program funded with 40 million dollars.
This is the 3rd year of this project.

Their purpose is to encourage Artistic
Endeavors, raise artistic standards,
providing unity, the soul of the community.
These were all key points in the presentation.

Building and fueling momentum in the current
art scene within the community, is their mission.

The hardest thing about the submission process,
I think, is that your idea is limited to 150 words only.
You've got to state your idea and make an impression
in these few words.

Well that's it for now.
Imagine if I had to limit this post to just 150 words.
Wouldn't have gone on and on then,
would it have?

Stay focused and productive as the day unfolds.

Sending love out to the Universe.

Life is good.

I am grateful.

: )

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