Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wishing for a Wonderful Wednesday

Beginnings of a new piece, a la
yo MOMMA style @Studio

Studio, back room

Studio. That's my baby brother,
Jerry in the photo on left, top shelf.
May he RIP. Crazy guy that he was.

Old bird/cupie doll on table piece
by me, from one year ago...
With small framed card from
Artist Peter Tunney...
"We Live in a Beautiful World".

The photo of my Dad, Governor
Leroy Collins and Edward Sax,
from the early 60's, I think.
Black and white woven ribbon
piece behind it is also my work,
as is the duck headed mannequin.

So now here it is Wednesday, already.
Where does the time go?

I'm already feeling guilty and slightly
embarrassed that I will not, after all
be going to my Studio today.

Just my style, to be forthright and
make big announcements, only to
fall short.

Some things never change.

My rational is that I have to be in
good form tonight for Kerry McLaney's
Birthday Bash @Lords on South Beach.

Knowing myself as well as I do, I know
there's no way I'll make it tonight, if I
spend the day @my Studio.

Not that physical labor is involved really
when @my Studio, but perhaps, because of
my age, my stamina, is just not that great.

So I'm not taking any chances in this department.

I have plenty to accomplish up in this end of
town anyway.

They say "the truth will set you free"...
I'm not so sure, but there you have it, folks.

Meanwhile, yesterday much was accomplished
in paving the way to produce some new work
in the Art department.

My intention is to compile enough pieces that
I feel good about and then find a suitable venue
to show them, come Art Basel time, in late December.

I feel confident that this will be accomplished and
have to remind myself too, that Rome wasn't built
in just one day. LOL.

Love how life works these days, especially since
Facebook has entered my life.

A few days ago I see a post by Rick Morgan on
FB, giving a shout out to Anita Sax for donating
copies of her new children's book for his Children's
In the blub, it states that Anita was born in Chicago
and grew up in Mexico City...
I'm thinking, I wonder if this could be Eddie Sax's

Eddie and his Family were important friends of my Dad's while
I was growing up here in So. Fla., in fact we're kind of related.
My Aunt Evelyn, my Dad's older Sister was George Sax's first
wife (he's Eddie's Dad). I know Eddie is from Chicago
and married a woman and they had lived in
Mexico City for many years and had a daughter.

On the off chance, I posted a comment asking if perhaps
she was related to Mr. Sax.

Bingo. His daughter. WOW. What are the chances of that?

What makes this more interesting to me, is the
fact that I had recently found a photo that I have been
searching for, for almost a year now.
The photo is of my Dad, Governor Leroy Collins and
Edward Sax.

Just a week ago, I found the photo, stuck it in a frame
and placed it on a windowsill @my Studio, so that when
my buddy, Darby Collins, Leroy's youngest daughter
visited, she would see it.

Having gotten a response to my post from Anita in the
affirmative, that yes, she was, in fact, Edward's daughter,
I couldn't wait to get into the Studio and photograph
the image to send to her in an email.

No coincidences, right?
No mistakes, either.

Life unfolds.
More will be revealed,
that's a guarantee...
You just gotta show up.

This is confirmed for me
on a daily basis.

Gotta love it.

So listen up people,
today's the day!

Make a difference.

Show the LOVE.

Pass it forward.



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