Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday . Up and At Em.

Good morning World.

It's Saturday, in hot and humid, South Florida.

I've been up for hours already and am trying to wrap my head around plans for the day.

First up, long overdue, holistic massage.

Veronique, my adored therapist has been in France and is just back.

Oh, how I have missed the luxury of our weekly sessions.

This evening I plan starting off @Ladder Gallery, downstairs from
my Studio, for the last, I believe, of their Guild Series Shows.

I am meeting my new friends Ron Syllien and his wife, Gracelle Toussaint
@my Studio @6:30 to join me for an evening of Art and Networking.

After perusing Ladder Gallery we are headed to The Bird Road Arts District ArtWalk.
I have never been and am looking forward to finally checking out this particular area.

Looking forward to seeing my friend, Artist Vince Herrera a/k/a BAD PANDA's work
@MANO Gallery.

Yesterday was down time @home and recuperating from a busy Thursday.

A recap of what Thurday entailed for me.
I started in an area known as Biscayne Gardens for Brunch with Artist,Ron Syllien and his lovely wife, Grace.

Ron and I are Facebook Friends and I was curious to check out his work.
I was totally impressed and enchanted from the first moment I walked into their beautiful home.

I must have taken at least 40 photos to document my tour and was so looking forward to
sharing them with you all...more about that later.

By 12:30 I was with my LOVE Child, taking her to Miami Beach for a dentist appt. and lunch afterwards.

Then on to my Studio for several hours.

By 5PM I was @The Stage in the Miami Design District for a TEDxMIA event

"For more than two decades, TED has presented acclaimed speakers to promote "Ideas Worth Spreading. A hub of diverse creativity, innovative thinking and progressive thought leadership. TEDxMIA is an effort to drive and showcase the cultural and intellectual vitality continuing to blossom in the city."

Prior to this, I was unfamiliar with TED.

Take my word for it people, check out TED.
For the record, September 13th, they will be presenting an event @New World Center on Miami Beach. Not to be missed and I understand their events sell out quickly, so if you're interested in learning more, I suggest you go to to find out more.
Must have taken 20 more photo's.

A shout out to my good friend, Carl Hildebrand for turning me on to this most stimulating
concept. Reminded me slightly of Petcha Kutcha but much more sophisticated and brilliant.

By 7PM I was on my way to JOEY's in Wynwood for a live musical evening with the charming and talented Miss Jennifer Ann Wagoner, of Wynwood Kitchen & Bar fame.

Jen belted out the Blues and sang her heart out.

I shot perhaps 15 more images and then after about an hour I left
and was grateful to make it safely home, after such a full day.

Yesterday morning first thing, I went to upload all my memorable images to iPhoto.

Unfortunately @Joey's before I left, my friend used my camera to video Jen's performance.
This is where I got in trouble.
While uploading, I guess I got impatient after 20-25 minutes and ended up disconnecting the
camera from the computer, thus losing all the images : (

The good thing is, I didn't have a melt down.
I accepted that it wasn't meant to be.

Lesson learned? Not sure. But am grateful non the less that I had such a fulfilling day.

Looking forward to all that is in store for me today.

Remember first you gotta show up.
The rest will reveal itself.

Pass it forward, People.

Practice random kindness.

Monkey see, monkey do.


One Love.

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