Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday in the Tropics.

So here it is Tuesday, July 12th.
The Sun is up and out @full blast
with temperature in @81 degrees
and it's just now, 7 AM.

Ah, the thrill of slaying some dragons
in the sweltering heat, just fires up my
imagination, NOT!!!

Seriously though, I've got a list of things
to accomplish and am determined to go
with the flow.

Yesterday was a learning lesson in patience
and perseverance, to say the least.

Happy to report I am now officially certified
to operate as an Artist Studio by the City of
Miami and The Dade County Department of
Environmental Resource Management.

What a joke too. I mean really, the inept
bureaucratic process is ridiculous.

Consider the fact that an entire high rise office
building is devoted to housing County and City
paid employees to sit at their desks and process

No instructive signage visible to someone visiting
for the first time and no one very forth coming in
advising one how to proceed.

Let's just say I am grateful that this is now behind

Surely now that I have complied with the City's
requirements, Miami is a safer, better place to
live and the $800.00 dollars in fees is making
the City's coffers richer.

Today promises to be good.

Little in the way of pressure and deadlines,
I consider myself a lucky lady.

Tonight I look forward to GNO (Girls Night Out)
with my favorite playmates, 5 yr. old Taylor, her
maternal Grandmother and our friend Susan V.

Am feeling grateful too, that no Hurricanes are
forming @this time and that the A/C in our building
is working.

Happy to be getting a blog post in, as well.

So to anyone reading this post, my self included,
I'm wishing us all a peaceful and productive day.

Surely some surprises await me.

Tune in tomorrow for the post mortem.

Remember to pass it forward.

Make a difference in someone's life today.

Life is good.

: )

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