Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Studio Today

Detail (my Facebook Profile Page)
on Mano Nogueira's beautiful piece.

The Fabulous Five
yo MOMMA, Mano Nogueria of
Mano Fine Art in the Bird Road
Arts District, Artist Rafael Lopez-Ramos,
Artist Luisa Mesa and my Buddy,
Artist Vince Herrera a/k/a
BAD PANDA..."People Love
my Sh*t" @ Mano Fine Arts
Studio for the Bird Road Artwalk
this past Saturday night.

Mano's beautiful work of Art.
Love it : )

Up and at em...
that's me.

My goal today is to spend time
creating Art @ my Studio.

Wish me luck, please.

Don't know why I've been so
resistant to doing this lately?

Hoping to get a rhythm going

Will report tomorrow, on how
it went.

Meanwhile am excited about
tomorrow nights plan to attend
the Birthday Celebration for my
buddy, Kerry McLaney @Lord's
on South Beach.

I've never been to this new hotel
and am not looking forward to
the parking situation.
Short of that, I'm sure it will be
a most memorable evening.

Friday night promises to be
off the charts too @WDNA's
Jazz night with Artist Evo Love
and Romain Gateau.
Can't wait.

Don't know about the rest of
you, but I'm really struggling
with the doldrums of Summer.

Hard to get motivated lately.

Gotta keep reminding myself
how important it is to just show
The rest will follow.
Not necessarily the way I plan
or hope for, but non the less
unexpected surprises await me,
when I am willing to participate.

So I'm throwing caution to the
wind. Taking my chances.
Letting go.

Remember to practice random
Do the next right thing...
Pass it forward...
Be the change you wish to see...

Ah, life is like one big cliche..
Like a joke and I keep waiting
for the punch line.

One things for sure, if I don't
suit up and show up, I'm guaranteed
that nothing will change.

So be willing today, to step outside
the box, your comfort zone, so to speak.

Let me know the miracles you witness
today as you walk the walk.

Just saying...



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