Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still Standing . Last Day in May . 2011

Here he is World,
the one and only
Art is My Weapon.
Iam TMNK (The Me Nobody Knows)

Please note yo MOMMA sticker
on bottom left of post he is leaning

New young Fan of NOBODY with
in his hand : )

Beautiful ocean front view of
Ft. Lauderdale Beach A1A.

AFUa HALL and Abu Xalimon
in The House!

PABLO CANO and the entire cast and crew taking
a bow, to a standing ovation.
The Seven Wonders of the Modern World @ MOCA.

Good morning World.

Hope this finds everyone in
the zone, with energy enough,
to survive the upcoming
Hurricane Season, which
officially begins tomorrow
June 1st.

As a native Miamian, I have
witnessed first hand, the devastation
of many Hurricanes in the past,
not the least of which was Andrew.

Considering the rather cataclysmic
Weather that has been happening
World Wide, I am praying our
beautiful So. Fla, will be spared.

Keeping this in mind, it makes me
more grateful than ever, for all the
wonderful developments I have
witnessed in our great City and
my home town.

Tonight I am lucky enough to have
tickets for the opening night of
HAIR @The Arsht Center,
courtesy of the lovely,
Charlie Cinnamon.

My guest for the evening is
the actor, poet extraordinaire.

I'm hopeful that the traffic
and parking will not detour
me from enjoying the evening.
Considering the Miami HEAT
Playoff Game is taking place
downtown, as well.

Recapping now, the past
couple days in my abundant,
wonderful life.

Sunday was the last 2 performances
of PABLO CANO's Seven Wonders of
the Modern World @MOCA.

I invited a slew of Friends to join
me, posting an open invitation to
anyone wanting to be my guest on

I called MOCA @12 noon, to make
sure there would be no problems
in purchasing additional tickets.

I went into high anxiety when told
sorry, both shows were SOLD OUT.

The good news is, in the end, we
were all accommodated, thank you
MOCA and it's most outstanding

The bad news was the pressure
this produced for me in getting down
there in time, to buy the additional
tickets for my guests, from the
20 being held @will call, for last
minute walk ups.

We were 13 in all that witnessed
this truly remarkable production.
Magical in every way.

The brilliant Playwright, Miami's own,
Carmen Pelaez, of RUM & COKE fame,
was in attendance. This is her second
collaboration with Pablo.
I was thrilled to meet her after the

A Fulbright Award winner, Choreographer
Katherine Kramer, did a most outstanding
job in bringing the marionettes to life,
once again in her collaboration with Pablo.

Rudi Goblen, writer, dancer and actor
was remarkable in taking on several of the
puppeteer/dancer parts in this production,
not the least of which,
was the opening with President Obama in
The House.

Other puppeteer/dancers who manipulated the
marionette's to perfection were Joanne Barrett
and Carlota Pradera.

PABLO and all took a bow to a well deserved,
standing ovation.

After congratulating one and all on this transformative
experience, I was off to my studio.

Summer Hill Seven, his lovely, significant other,
Afua Hall, a talented dancer and
choreographer and their 4 yr. old son,
Abu Xilimon, met up with me there.

We went on an adventure looking for a dining
spot on the water on the 79th Street Causeway.

We ended up @The Crab House. In spite of the
fact that this is a chain restaurant, we had a lovely
meal and enjoyed bayside dining, outside.

It was a balmy So. Fla. evening and a perfect
ending to a memorable day.

Yesterday morning @ my computer bright
and early, I see that my man, TMNK a/k/a
NOBODY, NYC Graffiti/Street Artist of
International acclaim, was here in So. Fla.

We made a plan and I picked him up @11:30 AM
at the beautiful, beach front hotel,
where he was staying in Ft. Lauderdale.

The challenge being, in getting there.
I headed east to A1A and then north up
the beach front strip, bummer to bummer
on this crazy/busy/beautiful Memorial

We proceeded to FAT Arts District in
Ft. Lauderdale.

What a revelation that was too.
Not unlike the former warehouse district
that is now Wynwood, this emerging
Artists Studio/Gallery Community is
located just north of Sunrise Blvd. and
just west of Andrews Avenue, backing
up to the railroad tracks.

Like Wynwood too, they have no set
hours of operation and it was a blind
shot that we would see anyone else
there on this holiday morning.

To our surprise we were not the only
ones out and about in this "under the
radar" location.

Our first encounter was with a lovely
young couple, out walking with their
baby boy in his stroller, admiring the
Graffiti Art that proliferates there.

NOBODY made a new friend and fan
with the little boy and proceeded in
actually meeting up with some of the
Graffiti Artists who were working on
a Wall right then and there.

Within minutes, they were hauling out
a huge ladder and there was NOBODY
scurrying up it, to leave his mark and
be part of their Wall.

Perfect, right?
What are the chances of this happening,
you might ask?
Zero to none...and there in lies
the alchemy our our outing...
that just by suiting up and
showing up, windows open.

Thank you dear Universe for
granting me these serendipitous

This is what keeps me coming
back for more.

Now NOBODY and yo MOMMA too,
have our marks immortalized in
Ft. Lauderdale.

Mission accomplished we had a
leisure ride back to his hotel
and I was on my way back home
by 2PM.

No place like home,
said Dorothy.
We can all agree on
that point, I am sure.

So now I am current in
documenting more days
in May, via my life.

With love in my heart
I am looking forward
to new adventures today.

Keep it simple.
Pass it forward.
Be the change,
you wish to see.
All things are possible.

Peace fellow travelers.

Make the most of the
blessings that await you

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