Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Month of Sunday's : )

The Three Graces
Amanda Hutson . Evo LOVE + yo MOMMA in The House

7244 Biscayne Blvd.
Historic MiMo District

L M N T Gallery
55 NW 36th Street
Wynwood Art District

from her "KNOTS" Series,
here @L M N T Gallery.

L M N T's Curating Director,
Daniella Storza on the right
with Neil Hunt,
CEO, Hammer and Block Auctioneers
in the middle.

Holding my I Heart SUMMER HILL SEVEN T-Shirt
@Mystical Lips POEMEDY CIPHER.

NE 2ND Ave. @46th Street
East Buena Vista

Put the lime in the C O C O N U T : )
Been a month of Sunday's, or so it seems,
since last, I posted on this blog.

Much has transpired. All of it good.
Hoping I can do justice to the days and
weeks that have flown by.

Bear with me, please.

Last night I had dinner with the
usual suspects.
The LOVE Child herself,
Miss Evo Love, Romain Gateau
and Amanda Hudson.

Amanda is moving, full time to
NYC, her home town,
to pursue her career in film
and we wanted to celebrate one
last time, in her honor.

We dined @the sushi place @Soyka's
55rh St. Station on NE 4th Court in
the Historic MiMo District.

The place was jumping.
It never ceases to amaze me
all the choices we have here
in Miami.

We proceeded to Ladder Gallery
after dinner to catch the latest in
their Guild Series Shows...
then UPSTAIRS to my Studio
for the group to give me the
heads up on changes I've made,
decor wise.

This morning @9AM I will be
in the zone, via the healing hands
of the gifted Holistic Masseuse,

At 2PM I am going to the PlayGround
Theatre for the 1st time to see
"The Red Thread" with the adorable
Miss Taylor, her Mom, Kelly and
Grammy, Sandy.

Looking forward to this much acclaimed

Friday night was an interesting mix of
old and new.

I started out @4PM with a list of at
least 7 stops I hoped to make in the
evening that lay ahead.

First stop, Devine Trash @73rd St
and Biscayne Blvd.
Wonderful space and great resource
for all things vintage.
Loved the unique art to wear jewelry
designed by Baker, showcased here.
Donna the propritor is fabulous and
we had a nice visit.

My friend Carl Hildebrand of Petch
Ketch renown, phoned and being that
he was on his way South, to Wynwood,
he popped in to say hello.

We checked out the new Vegan Restaurant
that has opened next door, called Mi Vida Cafe.
Definitely worth a visit. Not only for the
delicious food, but the charming setting with
an outdoor garden space.

Love that business is flourishing in MiMo.

I then went solo to a fabulous new space
in Wynwood called L M N T @55 NW 36th St.
WOW. Spectacular venue.
I arrived in time to preview the incredible
Art, that was to be auctioned later that evening.
Congratulated the gifted, Curating Director,
Daniella Storza and saw many of my friends.

I was most thrilled to find that my dear friend,
the Artist Tina Salvesen is represented in
the show that is hung in another part of
this huge, multi functional space.
Her Knot renderings in graphite and pen
really sing, displayed on this scale.

A must see show, People. Hope you will
check it out.

On my way South I stopped by Wynwood
Kitchen & Bar where I met up with my
trusty side kick and buddy in Art, Kerry
My friend since the mid 60's in my home
town of Coral Gables, Mr. David B. called
and serendipitously stopped in with his
date for the evening.

Loved that WK&B had a fabulous Jazz
trio performing live, outside.
This was a lst and I hope they continue
with it.

Then I was off to Mystical Lips on NE 2nd Ave.
@46th Street for POEMEDY CIPHER with
SUMMER HILL SEVEN in the house.
OMG. I entered this enchanting, spiritual
establishment for the first time and was
pleasantly surprised with what's going on

Owned and operated by an interesting
fellow with a head full of dreads and
his identical, 22 yr. old sons, they offer
an array of all things to awake the senses...
from incense, to the full line of Dr. Bronner
soaps, Buddah's and prayer wheels.

The experience was unique and mind expanding.
For the first 40 minutes or so, it was yo MOMMA
and 6 or 7 gorgeous Men.
I was so in the Zone...LOL.

By 8:30 things started to develop in the
"Cipher" department with SH7 leading the

Outstanding Spoken Word, being "spit".
(a new expression I heard for the
first time)

How cool is this, that all these men gather
on a regular basis to create and share their
gift of creativity and words?

My best friend, since our days in Jr. High,
the Internationally renown Acupuncturist,
Judy Becker-Worsley, who now lives in
England and is visiting, stopped by on her
way home from an Event @The Bakehouse.

We had a lovely time sitting outside next
door to Mystical Lips, @ a new place
called BLUE PIANO.

Once again, I was amazed to see and feel
the buzz created by the wealth of humanity
out and about in The Hood.

Wednesday, May 18th was the last of
the Season, MUSING with MYRA .
Installment #4, with featured Guest
Artist, SUMMER HILL SEVEN, reading
from his newly published book,

A most memorable evening unfolded
as one by one, Friends old and new
showed up. Many in attendance were
people I have known most of my life
here in Miami, who just happened to
be in town visiting.
My loyal Art Buddies didn't disappoint
either, as so many of them showed up
supporting me and creating a magical

We were 30 or more and had the time
of our lives.

At 9PM while I was thanking everyone
for coming and participating,
out comes my dear friend, the Tai Chi
Master, Healer and Reader Extraordinaire,
Stephanie Rosenblatt, with a Birthday cake
joined by all singing Happy Birthday to me.
What a surprise. What a joy.
What wonderful, good friends I have.
I am so blessed, lucky and grateful.

That's all that comes to mind @ this moment.

For the record, I feel somewhat relived to have
finally been motivated to compose this post.

Thanks to those that bother to read this.
Hope you find it interesting in some aspect
or other.

Me, I'm betting on this coming week revealing
more treasures in my wonderful life.

I don't take any of this for granted.

I am loving the collaboration that I experience
each day, meeting up with others within this
vast community of creativity.

It's a beautiful thing to inspire and be inspired
by one another.

Passing it forward.

With love in my heart I wish you all a
productive and satisfying week ahead.

Do the next right thing.
Be the change you wish to see.

Ciao for now.

Peace .

God Bless Barak Obama.

Keeping HOPE alive : )


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