Saturday, May 28, 2011

Postmorteming on My Birthday Celebrations.

The stunning yellow metal dragon
belt stamped C. Ross a gift from
the Madden Brothers from their
Mother's Estate.
Be still my Heart.
The 2nd Dragon I was gifted with
this week.

Stamped Lichtenstein 1980
enamel and silver pin/pendant
with John Hardy silver earrings
also gifted to me from Toni's

"Plant the Future" amazing succulent
collection @home with new addition
in honor of my Birthday.

Precious Baby Tabitha chewing on
the rain boots I gave her for Seattle.

Tabitha talking to the pink box
I made for her with the remaining
one of a pair of S+P's in her hand,
that was a gift to me from her
now deceased,Paternal Grandmother,
Toni Rittmaster,
my beloved friend.

Blake Madden of HOTEL fame in
red with older brother Shawn of with baby
Tabitha and her Auntie Myra.

The Madden Brothers with Shawn's wife
and the Mommy, Trisha Murphy Madden

Birthday gifts @Joey's.
Hand made card by
Artist Leon Rosenblatt.
Plant the Future dish
garden from Jude Becker Worsley
and the marble Chinese Double
Dragon Chop from my guide,
Stephanie Rosenblatt.

Reva, my 91 yr. old Mother with

Jude and Myra...friends since our
Jr. High School days in Coral Gables.

The amazing Miss Taylor Smith
with cookies @my Studio, post
"The Red Thread" performance we

The lovely Kelly Nelson Smith with
daughter Taylor.

Where should I begin?

I've been going non stop
for weeks now.
On a run with out of town
visitors, attending various
events and celebrating
my Gemini Birthday.

Tomorrow will be one
week ago since posting
on this blog.

Hope I can do this past
week justice in attempting
to recreate it now, for you
and my own recollection,
down the road.

Last Sunday, I had the good
fortune to attend "The Red Thread"
@The PlayGround Theatre" in
Miami Shores.

It was an amazing production
with award winning Costume
and Stage Sets.
Outstanding in every way.

My guests were 4 yr. old
Taylor and her Mom, Kelly Smith.

Taylor's deceased Paternal Grandmother
was my dear friend Sara Smith.
I throughly believe that Taylor is channeling
her, when we are together and delight
in my monthly GNO (Girls Night Out) with
her and Maternal Grammy Sandy Nelson.

We proceeded to my Studio for cookies
and such after the performance and Taylor
was in the Zone, so to speak...Totally
animated and enchanting in her enthusiasm.

Monday was a Birthday lunch @Michael's
Genuine in the Design District with my
good friend, Susan Vodicka.
We go back to 1972 when we met during
the McGovern for President Campaign.

We had a delightful visit and enjoyed
a delicious meal together.

Tuesday evening was a Dinner @Joey's
in Wynwood with lifelong friends,
Jude Becker Worsley, Internationally
acclaimed Acupuncturist, in from England,
Artist Leon Rosenblatt, we go back to
Hebrew School when we were 9 yrs. old,
his beautiful wife Stephanie,
a Tai Chi Master, Healer, Reader and
my 91 yr. old Mother, Reva.

This was especially poignant because
my Mother hasn't seen these childhood
friends of mine in years.

We a feasted on Chef Ivo's magnificent
creations and I had a wonderful time
opening up presents.

Gifts included a gorgeous dish garden
from "Plant the Future", my favorite
florist, a Double Dragon marble
Chinese Chop and a beautiful hand made

Wednesday was devoted to running
errands and taking care of business
at home.

Thursday, bright and early, I headed
down to my Studio for a much anticipated
reunion with the Madden Brothers, now
from Seattle, in town to celebrate their
Dad, John's 65th Birthday.

I was good friends with their now deceased
Mother, Toni Rittmaster.

They left So. Fla in the mid 90's...
Toni to go to So. Africa with Blake,
the younger brother, who went on to
Japan as an exchange student
while Shawn went away to college.

I have known both of these guys since Shawn
was a Toddler, before Blakester was born.

It's been 15 yrs., more or less since I last
saw them.

Shawn is now married to the magnificent,
Trisha Murphy Madden and they have a
beautiful, infant daughter, 7 mo. old Tabitha.

Blake is the lead singer in his band called
HOTELS. Just weeks ago they competed
as the opening act in Billboard's Battle
of the Bands in Las Vegas.

We didn't skip a beat in catching up with
so much of what has transpired in the
intervening years.

Serendipitously, Jude, from England
stopped by with her Aunt Irma Goldstein
and Irma's daughter, Stylist, Beth Becker.

I marveled at my good fortune of having
all these significant people in my Studio
at the same time.

By 2PM we were on our way to Wynwood
Kitchen & Bar for a bite to eat and then
The Madden's were off to Key West for
their Dad's Official Birthday Celebration.

I'm still reeling from this glorious reunion.

The boys surprised me with gifts from Toni's
collection of jewelry and accessories.

The most stunning belt by C. Ross, with a
dragon buckle cast in yellow metal.
It actually fits me too, which is miraculous
in itself.

A Lichtenstein enamel pin/pendant stamped
1980 and silver John Hardy earrings.

I remember seeing Toni wearing all of these
in the past and couldn't help but be astounded
@ the coincidence of now receiving a second
gift in the form of a Dragon.

Earlier in the week, before seeing each other
on Monday, Stephanie Rosenblatt had
posted on my Facebook Wall
the significance of the DRAGON
as a Chinese Totum.

The Dragon is believed to possess the
following virtues:

"Leadership, magical prowess, vitality, mastery,
insight, devine illumination, infinite wisdom,
luminous beauty, majesty, power of transformation.

The Dragon Totem is a very powerful spirit and
the supernatural properties are the most influential
of all Totems.
OMG. I can't believe the whole thing.

Last night with my Mother in tow we
made it down to Historic Temple Israel
in Wynwood, that is in it's 90th year
as the pioneer Reform Congregation,
here in Miami, to celebrate the 50th
Wedding Anniversary of life long friends,
Dick and Susie Goldberg.

Susie's younger siblings are twins Judy Zager
and Steve Stone, who share the same birthday
as me, which was officially yesterday, May 27th.

Both Susie and Judy were at one time secretaries
for my Dad, Irving when he was President of Muzak,
here in Miami.

Their Dad, William Stone, was the GM @The Saxony
Hotel which was built in the early 50's on Miami Beach
by my Dad's former brother-in-law George Sax.

We grew up going to our Cabana's @ the Saxony,
eating in the Noshery downstairs and taking
cha-cha lessons on the upper pool deck...
Ahh, those were the days.

I loved the meaningful sermon delivered by
Rabbi Mitchell Chefitz on God speaking
to Moses, in the second year from the Jews
departing Egypt, saying "Raise (count) the heads
of all the congregation of the children of Israel."

The greatness of the Blessed God is seen in the
entire community of Israel as a whole, and if just one
member of that community is missing, then the mixture
will be deficient.

It is as if the image of the King were made up of a Mosaic
of many small parts, and if just one of the parts were missing,
then the picture of the King would be lacking.

That each of us possesses one the of the attributes of the
Holy One, blessed be He, and at the time when that individual
is counted, then the Blessed God Himself is present in that
attribute which each individual possesses.

We are accountable each one of us.
That together we create a whole,
but that first we must show up and
be counted.

Food for thought.
This all resonated,
profoundly for me.

This evening I plan on attending an
event in The Design District with
a fellow Gemini who happens to also,
share the same birthday as me.
Michael Hughes now affiliated with
The Frost Museum @FIU,
formerly with The Wolfsonian.

So there you have it.

More goings on and on and on by
yours truly, Myra Louise Wexler
a/k/a yo MOMMA.

Forever grateful for the blessings
bestowed on me each and every day.

Committed to creating and collaborating
with friends, old and new in continuing the
creation of the tapestry or mosaic that is
the journey...Life.

Life is good.
Pass it Forward.
Be the change you wish to see.
Love rules.
Knowledge is power.
Eat your fruits and vegetables.
Monkey see, monkey do.

Love and peace fellow travelers.

Make this the best day of your

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