Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's on Tap for Tuesday?

2nd Lizard sighting on Sunday morning leaving Temple Arts. Apparently, Lizards represent dreams : )
Pastry Chef Extraordinaire, Hedy Goldsmith's Blueberry Newtons and Orange Short Bread @Michael's Genuine Food, Design District, Sunday Brunch.
Artist Patricia Wilson
Sculptor, Kench De George's, amazing Studio in Little Haiti on man made lake.

Sculpture by Kench De George
Hand stitched with crystals and sequins by Artist Patricia Wilson.
3 of the Enn's siblings @Saturday Night Family Dinner.

Short rib meatloaf plate with tomato jam and fried egg @Gigi's in Midtown.
Good Morning World.

Hard to believe almost an entire week has passed since my
last blog entry.

Time flies, if you're having fun, or not.
Or so the saying goes.

Happy to report, that the past week has been full of
fun, informative encounters, along the way.

Of note, last Friday, I attending a fundraiser
luncheon for KRISTI HOUSE, as a guest of my
friend, Susan Vodicka.

For those of you unfamiliar with this organization,
they are doing remarkable work in the community,
with their programs assisting young women who
are transitioning out of the Foster Care Program,
after reaching a certain age.

On Saturday I met an old friend who visited my
Studio for the first time.
We had a delightful visit and lunch for the first
time @Gigi's in Midtown.

Shout out to all you foodies.

If you've never tried Gigi's, you're in for a treat.
Located @34th Street and North Miami Ave.,
I was blown away with the presentation, quality
and affordability of this little jewel.

By 7PM Saturday Evening, I was up in Hollywood
for a Family Dinner with the Enn's siblings.
Artist Michael Enn's is my dear friend and his
sister Teresa hosted this wonderful meal.

Sunday was my weekly Holistic Massage
@Temple Arts with the amazing Veronique
and then off to Brunch @Michael's Genuine
in the Design District, where I met up with
my friend Glenna and her friend, Patricia.

After brunch we proceeded to a most amazing
Studio space in Little Haiti to view new works
by Artist Patricia Wilson @the Studio she shares
with Sculptor Kench De George.

OMG. The venue was the surprise of the Century.
No kidding...
Set in the middle of Little Haiti on a man made
It was awesome.

We ended the day with a brief stop @Carol Jazzar's
home Gallery to see the current show.

Yesterday was kind of down time for me, here

Thankfully, I accomplished much and am raring
to getty up and go this morning.

Meeting my Buddy, Louise Markus @my Studio
@11:30 AM for a day of
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", before Louise
heads back to Montreal, for the Summer.

We will be lunching for sure and stopping by
STASH Gallery for a visit with my LOVE child,
the one and only Artist, EVO LOVE.

So there you have it.

Up to the minute.

Except for one more thing.


God Bless President Obama,
The United States of America
and The World @large.

We have much to be grateful
and proud of as Americans
and World Citizens.

With that it mind, remember
to pass it forward today.

We are all messengers out
there, people...
Mirroring one another.

Let your Love Light Shine
extra bright today.

Love and Peace.

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