Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Up Wednesday? April 13, 2011

Photo's from top to bottom:

NOBODY's Art . 51 - 50 +
Hello My Name Is Sticker.

Myra and NOBODY
in my Studio

and Myra @Ladder Gallery

Clifton Childree's Roulette Wheel
@Legal Arts Fund Raiser...

Paper Cut Art Piece @Harold Golen's
Gallery on 2nd Saturday Wynwood

Good Morning Friendly Planet.
What's up with Wednesday?

Happy to welcome all the possibilities
awaiting me, this new day.

First things first.
This morning I plan to go back
to the Nissan Car Dealership
and sign on the dotted line,
for a new vehicle.

Having taken the car for servicing
yesterday and realizing that it is
4 yrs. old and out of warranty,
I looked @what options I had.

Gathering all the information, I was
pleased that I was able to walk out
of the showroom.

I have had time to review the choices
and feel good about my decision to
invest in a new car.

Thinking too, how much things have
changed in my life.
What a lucky girl I am.

This transaction makes good sense.
They offered me a good trade in
value on my old car.
The new car is a more gas efficient,
for starters and the financing is
0%, with a small monthly payment
that I can handle.

Once this is accomplished the plan
includes heading South to my
Studio to do some much needed
Art Therapy.

Plan on meeting up with my
buddy, Kerry McLaney, late in
the afternoon, to go over the
format of the upcoming
MUSING with MYRA, event
for a week from today,
April 20th,
Wynwood Kitchen & Bar
2550 NW 2nd Ave.
Small bites are provided.
Happy Hour Specials.
All are welcome.

Then on to Vizcaya for a 6:30PM
performance with Naomi Fisher and a group
of actors.
Coinciding with the final hour of
daylight, they will reinterpret a performance
by The Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble,
previously performed there in 1994.
Sure to be a glorious celebration.

The weekend is fast approaching and I'm
anticipating a visit from Prince Charming.
Oh, Happy Day : )

Thrilled to report that my Man, the NYC
Street Artist, NOBODY has been appointed
the Ambassador for Young Global Citizens.
They will be part of an international movement
to paint a platform, so to speak, for future world
citizens, from thought to action.

For those of you who stay in touch via Facebook,
you are well aware of what an inspiration TNMK
is in my life.

Art is My Weapon, the bandana that I wear in my
FB Profile photo is his creation and was a gift to
me the first time we met, last year @The Bakehouse,
Lucky You Annual Fundraiser.

Bravo to NOBODY, for making a difference in so
many lives...Testimony to, to the power of passing
it forward, People : )

If you're in the Dade County area, please mark your
calendars for
April 23rd
Ladder Gallery
6900 Biscayne Blvd.
Historic MiMo District

Witness a very special Literary Event,
featuring the dynamic

I'm excited about what this Charming
Man is bringing to the table, here in
the Miami area.

Check out what The NewTimes has
to say about him

So there you have it folks.
My thoughts @ the moment.

Remember as you go forward today
that we are all,
each one of us, messengers.

Monkey See
Monkey Do.

Practice Random Kindness.

Pass it Forward.

Peace and love to all : )

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