Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday and The Living is Easy

Bobble Headed Dog made and given to me by 4 yr. old, Miss Taylor Smith : )The charming Peacock Cafe where we dined last night in Coconut Grove.
The Enchantress herself...

Taylor, replet in all things Auntie Myra...
Modeling new headband, gifted by me.

Yesterday was spent @home, taking care of business.

At 4PM I headed South, to Coconut Grove, for my monthly
Girls Night Out, with an amazing 4yr. old, Miss Taylor Smith.

Taylor is the Granddaughter of my beloved, dearly departed,
good friend, Sara.
Sara didn't live to meet this remarkable legacy her son
and daughter-in-law have produced, but I know her spirit
soars when we are together.

I consider it a gift to have this child in my life and delight
in nothing more, than imagining that she is channeling
Sara when we are together.

Having forgotten to get married or have children myself,
this is a particularly special time for me, too.

I play "Auntie Myra" to the hilt, lavishing Taylor
with tutu's, twirly skirts, (usually in shades of pink and
purple, of course)...and all kinds of accessories or accoutrements,
as I like to call them.
Headbands, barrettes, tiara's, handbags...
you get the picture.

Last night we went to a beautiful, newly opened, charming
restaurant in Coconut Grove called Peacock Cafe on
McFarlane Street.

We had the best of times...they even have a tiny table with
chairs, child size.
You can imagine how much this was appreciated
by my dining companion.

As a sit here now, early this Friday morning,
I am reminded of the familiar
refrain, "Thank God it's Friday.

For many, myself included, tonight
@sunset, signifies the beginning of Shabbot.

My Mother lights candles and says a blessing.
"Good Shabbos", is what she always says to me,
if I'm present when she performs this ritual.

I smile as I think about this.
How much this small act represents.

For Shabbot signifies a joyful day of rest.
It's two commandments are; to remember and to observe.
Shabbot is a time when we can set aside our weekly concerns
and devote ourselves to a higher purpose.

Although, I am not considered observant as a follower of the
Old Testament, I am grateful to have the memory of this
ritual, handed down, generation, after generation, to sustain
me the rest of my living days.

Long after my Mother is gone, I shall cherish this memory.

Several weeks ago I attended Phase 1, of Artist Naomi Fisher's Art Project.
A reenacted Isadora Duncan performance piece staged @Vizcaya
@6:30 PM, promptly, on Biscayne Bay at Sunset.

Could anything possibly, have been more breathtaking?
I think not.

Tonight I look forward to attending Phase 2 of Naomi's Art Project
@The Snitzer Gallery in Wynwood.

My plans for tomorrow, include 2 scheduled events.

A Literary Presentation @Ladder Gallery, downstairs from my
Studio @6900 Biscayne Blvd. in the Historic MiMo District.
SUMMER HILL SEVEN a brilliant published author, poet, actor
and attorney will be reading and signing from his new book
"Squircular" an Actors Tale.

Artists EVO LOVE and Romain Gateau have a show opening
at their STASH GALLERY, 151 NE 50th Terrace @ the same time.

I hope to attend them both.

So there it is.

Today, as I walk the walk, I shall be
mindful remembering, observing and devoting
myself to a higher purpose.

How my attitude and actions,
will be reflected back to me.

With faith in my heart,
I ask for restraint and grace.

Pass it forward, People.

Peace and love.

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