Monday, April 4, 2011

April Begins...

Friday evening, April 1st, I bypassed The Bass Museum's opening and outdoor concert in lieu of an easier route, via Coral Gables and the lovely, world class Books & Books for an Author Reading with James Grippando, of his 18th book, another outstanding thriller.

Coral Gables is my hometown and stands alone as an example of how beautiful a neighborhood can be. Highly civilized is how I would best describe this gem of an area. Books & Books is housed in a historic building with a courtyard and on Friday night, live music.

I was delighted upon walking in, to see my friend, Darby Collins who works there, dining
with her friends. She introduced me to the amazing and talented Artist, Freda Coffing Tschumy.
Freda has the distinction of having done the outstanding Sculpture of Marjory Stoneman Douglas that graces Fairchild Garden.
Check out her website

Unfortunately I had arrived later than anticipated and missed the poetry event that was also
taking place Friday evening.

James Grippando did not disappoint. The guy is brilliant and has a loyal following as was
evidenced by the large turnout.

Saturday was spent doing my usual errands during the first half of the day.
By 4:30 PM I was @my friend Michael Enn's sisters house for a family gathering celebrating
their son's confirmation.
By 7PM, I had arrived @my Studio where I was met by old friends, Tracy and Mark who
were on a mission delivering gorgeous tomatoes and produce they had picked that day.
What a welcomed surprise.

Downstairs was an opening show of new work by Artist, Lu Gold in Sinuhe Vega's LADDER Gallery. This is the first in a series of "Guild" Artists and was well attended.

Pushing myself, I then continued down South, to say farewell to friends of some 40 years +,
who have sold their home here and are moving to Atlanta.

Sunday 9AM is my standing appointment with the magnificent holistic massage therapist,
Veronique. This is my favorite part of each week. I love this ritual and the benefits I am
receiving, justify this extravagant expense.

Stopped @The Yellow/Green Market here in Hollywood, hoping to find a wonderful, low maintenance plant called "Bad Hair". I was disappointed to see that so many vendors have
left this venue. It was truly slim pickings, but then miracle of miracles, there was one of these
rare little beauties.

Now I was off to the Studio to place it in a glass container, filled with water, which is all it takes
to maintain this unusual little plant.

By 4PM, I was home, safe and sound.
Grateful to put an end, to another wonderful weekend.

A luxurious, hot bubble bath was in order and then sweet slumber, early to bed...

Hello Monday morning. What does the week ahead hold?
Looking forward to all the possibilities.

As I start this day, I remember to thank the Universe for all it's blessings.
Grateful to participate each day in the miracle that is life.

Wishing you all the same.

Hoping you'll stay tuned.

Peace and love to all.

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