Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Terrific, Tuesday? That Remains To Be Seen.

Ugg...just not myself this morning.
Angst and out of sorts...
A real crab.

What's up with this? I'm asking myself.
Not sure, but felt somehow, that if I started
writing about it, I would benefit and clear
out the cobwebs.

So here goes...

For starters, I'm due for a cleaning @the
dentist this morning and then on to have
my car serviced.

Oh, how I hate waiting for the car to be
serviced. No matter what I bring to read
or distract me, the time always seem to
just drag on and on.

I'm thinking now, what a spoiled brat I am,
complaining about a trivial thing,

I mean really, shouldn't I be grateful that
I have a car and can afford to have it serviced?

The answer is yes. Believe me I am.
It's just the day to day details of keeping one's
life on tract, that always seem to get me down.

The fact that I forgot to get married or have
children, is a non issue with me...But at times
like this, I am reminded how easy I have it, in
terms of responsibility.

This is why doing service is so important.
It takes the focus off you and keeps one busy
doing for others and giving back to the community.

I like to think all my social forays are kind of like
a service...Checking in with my posse, making sure
everybody is doing OK. Connecting people, advocating
the Arts, this is what gives me pleasure in life.

I'm fascinated with the power of Facebook and
the ability to have a voice. I love promoting
Artists, Worldwide, who are working it every day,
to make it happen. Keeping their dreams alive.

The thing about The Arts and Humanities in general
is what makes this journey bearable.
It creates the dialogue and brings so many possibilites
to the table. Creativity breeds, creativity.
Nurturing imagination is a wonderful thing.

With all the chaos and turmoil we are bombarded with
on a daily basis...the information overload...people
isolated, on their computers...YUK!
Thank you Universe for The Arts.

Thank you Universe and blogspot.com for allowing
me to vent and get me back on track.

Suck it up Princess, that's what I tell myself.

So there's the morning blah.blah.blah.

Feeling somewhat better already...knowing in
my heart that once I'm dressed and out of the
house, windows will open.

What surprises will present themselves today?

Check in for the next post to find out.

Wishing all a most productive, peaceful day.

Pass it forward : )

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