Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mellow Monday on Tap . 4/26/11

On my drive to Ft. Lauderdale
yesterday, a Lizard appeared
on my windshield.
With the help of the Internet
I learned that through myth and legend the
lizard is associated with dream
"The psychic characteristics to
be found in the lizard, teaches
us how to awaken our abilities
by choosing one path over another."

One of many images being projected
during our gathering last night,
at Louise and Grant's home.

Artist Evo Love, in Studio
@her STASH Gallery, Saturday
On the left is visiting Art Dealer
James Baird from Newfoundland
and Artist Billy Keat whose new
work was being featured.

Left to right @Stash
Romain Gateau, Louise Markus,
Evo Love, a friend and Julia Morton.

Poet Johnny O @Ladder Gallery
Saturday Evening.

The good news is, it's Monday morning and I'm still standing...

The days flew by last week.
With a tightly packed schedule, I am grateful for what I hope
will be some less structured, most welcomed, down time.

Saturday night was interesting in more ways than one.

For starters, I arrived @my Studio late in the day for a
6:30 PM appt. with an Artist I had met @Launch Market in
The Design District.

The idea being, we could have a brief visit prior to the
Literary Event scheduled @7PM downstairs at Ladder

No sooner than I got there, my buddy Kerry McLaney
Angelica the Artist from Launch Market was next,
right on time @6:30PM.
We were just settling in when there was a knock
on the door.

Surprise, surprise. There was was my good friend,
Mr. Bill Gorman, with his sister Cathy K., one of my
best friends for over 30 yrs. and her husband
Mark in tow.
OMG, I couldn't believe it.

Cathy K is the top producing Realtor in Winter Haven
and the surrounding areas,
They were unexpectedly in town for the weekend.

Marveling @ their timing (they were passing by
the studio and stopped in on the off chance that
I would be there).

So now we were 6 in my small Studio.

No sooner than we were all comfortably seated,
another knock @ the door and voile, here comes
Louise Markus and Grant Genoa with 3 friends
visiting from NewFoundland.

Are you keeping count, people?
We were now 11.

We all proceed to file in downstairs to Ladder
Gallery for their scheduled Literary Event.
We were shocked and dismayed that the featured poet,
Mr. Summer Hill Seven was a "no show".

I'm still wondering what's up with this?
I had just recently met this dynamic, brilliant
Published Author, Poet, Actor, Attorney and had been
promoting his appearance all week on Facebook.

Without missing a beat, T. Elliot Mansa, the Guild Artist
whose current show "Looking into the fish bowl"
is now @Ladder Gallery
greeted everyone (a packed house) and introduced
Poet John O.

John Oliver is a Miami native, who learned the value
of music and art growing up in Cutler Ridge.
It became a way of life for him.
In 2002, he became engaged in the arts of freestyle,
hip-hip and the writing of poetry.
He published his first book in 2008,
28 Triumphant Poems.
He has become a legend in the Spoken Word circles,
and performs at such venues as Speak and Stone Groove.

Performing many of his legendary works, we were
all rather spellbound.

Immediately following this presentation, I was
off to STASH Gallery, @ 162 NE 50th Terrace for
the opening of Artist Billy Keats newest

In November 2009, STASH Gallery brought it's
popular and successful "Under the Bridge" show
from the outside, in.

6 yrs. previously, Artist Evo Love and Romain Gateau
rented a block of street meters from the City of Miami.
Their vision?
To create an open, out door, Art Gallery, literally under
a bridge @1st St. and NE 2nd Avenue in the Design District.

Providing music and refreshments, they managed to
produce a fully developed show.

Saturday night's opening was an example of how this
format continues to work for them.

With live music rocking the night away, we enjoyed
meeting Billy Keats and seeing his new group of work.

I was thrilled that my friends, Midtown Realtor
extraordinaire, Irene Dakota and her husband,
Photographer Michael Dakota had continued on
to Stash as well.

The appearance of Art Critic and Writer Julia Morton
and her husband, Writer James Pricer only sweetened
the evening.

Home safe and sound after midnight, I was grateful
to go to bed knowing that my Sunday commitments
were scheduled for late in the day.

By 4PM yesterday, I was on my way North to Ft. Lauderdale
for a Easter Barbecue Gathering @ Louise and
Grants fabulous home and studio's.

Grant was engaged in manning the fire, preparing
the feast that lay in store for us.
We all sat in a rather large circle in the backyard,
relishing the cool breeze and the sounds of nature.

True to their brilliant style, as the sun set a
remarkable video presentation began, unannounced
and projected on the wall of the shed outside.
The original mix of music playing and the unusual
and clever use of lighting, they had managed to
create and original art happening.

Being surrounded by loving, creative friends, sharing
great stories and good food, was the perfect ending to
an exciting week.

Never left till after 10PM and was grateful
to arrive safely home.

Ah, and so here we are folks, a new week ahead
of us.

What are your plans, goals, aspirations?

I'm looking forward to quite, uninterrupted
Studio time.

That said, I'm open to all the possibilities
that will doubtlessly present themselves as
the week unfolds.

With a grateful heart, I welcome this new

Ever mindful that it's the journey, not the
destination that counts.

Peace and love.

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