Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday's Tidbits . April 14 . 2011

Welcoming in this new day @3:45 AM.
Sleep deprived, that's me.

Good Morning World.

Yesterday was amazing in more ways
than one.

For starters, I was faced with the challenge
of dealing with tech support, via AT+T
for hours, attempting to get back on line.

Ah, my worst nightmare. After an hour
of frustrating attempts, finally, miracle
of miracles, I was back on line.

However, I still could not access my
email account.

I was told that this was not AT+T's
problem...It was an Apple issue.
AT+T informed me that they did
have tech support for these issues
as well and that they would connect
me with a specialist.

45 minutes later, ready to jump
out of my skin, I found out that this
was true, if I was willing to sign up
for a 1yr tech agreement, costing $'s.

I was so angry. I hung up.

Meanwhile, I then had to go into overdrive
to get showered and dressed and down to
Wynwood on time, for my scheduled appt.
with Kerry McLaney.

Stopping for gas, a women pulls in front
of the pump I was waiting for and I thought
I would lose my mind.

It was then, that I took a momentary time out.
Coaching myself, to just breathe, to let it go.
Recognizing that I am powerless and that this
too shall pass.

Finally I arrived at my destination just a few
minutes late, with my computer in hand.
Meeting up with Kerry, is always fun and mind
expanding. Her unique talents in all things
always impresses me and miracle of miracles
with in minutes, she had my email set right
and my computer hooked up to a "live steam

I'm going to attempt to broadcast, via my
laptop, a live stream of my next Musing with Myra
Event, this coming Wednesday, April 20th @
Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.

How priceless was this? There is not dollar
amount that would cover the gratefulness I
felt in my heart and the calmness that came
over me.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, KMcL.

What would I have done, without you?

By 6PM we were on our way South to Vizcaya
for a 6:30 PM Event.

This is where the true amazement kicked in.

OMG. Just entering this magnificent property
at that time of day, was spectacular.

What was to come, totally blew me away.

Naomi Fisher, Miami's own, gifted Artist was
presenting a performance piece, reenacting an
Isadora Duncan's performance from 1994.

I was delighted to see many of the dancers,
performers and crew, in enchanting costumes
with smiles on their faces and all looking so
theatrical, prior to the performance. This was
just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what was
to come.

With the lead performer facing
Biscayne Bay, her back to the audience.
Total silence, waiting for what would happen
next. After several minutes a small boat being
paddled by 3 gorgeous creatures emerges, docks
and gracefully, one by one, they step onto the
steps and thus the performance began.

There were 3 different venues on the property
where we were directed as the performance

The costumes were ethereal and each dancer,
performer so powerful in their movements and

Took my breath away, truly.

I'm still kind of tingly thinking about this
magical evening.

No camera's were allowed during the performance.

I'm sure some images will emerge, non the less...

There is still more to come from Naomi Fisher
in completing this project, I am told.

Can't wait to see the next layer/installment of
this magnificent piece of work.


Looking forward to an easy day and my
scheduled lunch with long time friend
Melanie Cohen from

Tune in tomorrow for that report.

Thank you for taking the time to check in
on my blog.

Sending love and peace out to The Universe
and each and everyone of you.

Pass it forward, People : )

Can't believe my good fortune : )

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