Saturday, April 16, 2011

So it's Saturday...

Love, love, love, how yesterday played out.

Leaving my building yesterday morning,
I was handed a package
that had just arrived @the desk.

How surprised and delighted to find
"Obey Yo Momma"stickers inside.

Gifted to me, by Jacksonville Artist, Steve Williams.
His significant other, Patrick Golden, is the creative force behind this
original design.

Thank you Gentlemen for rocking my World : )

The work now begins.
Getting them out, up and posted.

Anyone interested in joining the sticker brigade,
please contact me.
I'll be happy to send them out.
All I ask in return, is a photo of where they
were posted.

With stickers in hand, I knocked out each item
on my to do list, before arriving
@the home of Michael Enns in Coral Gables.

It was in this unique, historical cottage and it's gardens,
that we hosted a Garden Soiree with
friends, Artist Evo Love, Photographer Amanda Hudson,
Tia Chi Master/Healer Stephanie Rosenblatt
visiting NYC photographer, Brett Lindell, Michael and

Arriving with the fixings for a beautiful spread, I proceeded
to the kitchen to put it all together.

Such a perfect So. Fla. day.

I regret that I failed to photograph the food presentation.
Suffice to say, it was lovely.

We were relaxed and eager to explore Michael's home,
filled with Art and Collections of a lifetime.

The grounds on his property are something to behold.
From the ancient palms to the blooming orchids.
We delighted in some enchanting ornament or other,
hidden in plain sight, so to speak.

The afternoon flew by quickly.
Ending, with a visit to
the one and only, Venetian Pool.

This is a stunning example of Historical Coral Gables
at it's finest. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places,
the Venetian Pool is a beautiful, 820,000 gallon pool that was
carved out of a coral rock quarry in 1923.
Nestled within a residential area of Coral Gables and surrounded
by Venetian-style architecture, the Venetian Pool is fed daily with
crystal clear spring water and features abundant waterfalls, grottos,
caves and a diving platform.

I actually have home movies from my childhood, filmed @the
Venetian Pool with my family...

Tripping down memory lane, I am reminded too, that in life,
we are all sum totals of our memories.

I think too, this is what is driving my passion, these days with
The Arts...
Promoting the Arts and the Renaissance that is taking place
in Miami today, is predicated on my memories of having grown
up here.

Coral Gables is my hometown.
It is from this perspective, that I marvel at all that Miami
was and is becoming again, only this time on a much more
International level.

Today holds much promise.

Thanks for staying tuned.

More to come.

Peace and love.

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  1. Myra,

    That does sound lovely. Venetian Pool holds a special place for me... I would love a small batch of stickers to post for you out here in St.Louis-
    people would enjoy them. Michael looks darling in the image.